From Manila to Gensan

You see, I’m a migrant to Gensan.  I was born in Zamboanga, raised in Tarlac, worked in Manila and now I’m in General Santos City. North to South.

When I moved here, my family and friends were worried.  You see in 2003, the year I moved here, Gensan has just been bombed.  In previous years, Gensan was called Boom City. After the bombings, it became the Bomb city. Now that I am living here, it proved to be safer and quieter than Manila (really!).

I moved here because my husband works here. So after we got married, I quit my job and started a new life in Gensan.

Despite career, fashion and entertainment deficiencies of the city and all the dust and flawed english everywhere, I still prefer to live here. Cost of living is way cheaper, bumper to bumper traffic is practically inexistent, seafoods are at half the price and near Davao city. If you are in dire need of some metro life, just go to davao! However, I have to say, that though I have found a good life here, it is not the same for probably 80% of the population.

For people who get to visit Gensan, most of them envy us.  For those of you who have not, it sure is an interesting place to visit. Who knows, you might start thinking about living here too!

5 thoughts on “From Manila to Gensan

  1. Agree! I really missed gensan a lot. I stayed there for 10 years from my high school to college. Hmmm.. i never think I had to leave Gensan. When fate brought you to elsewhere you can’t do anything about. Really! I missed going out anywhere in Gensan. Safe place!

  2. Hi Cathy! Great that I read this post. I’m moving to GenSan from Laguna next month. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. No family ties there. Still have to look for an apartment. But I do look forward to going there.

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