Bislog: Bisayang Tagalog, Tagalog na Bisaya

Dili ko tagagensan pero kabalo na ko magbisaya.

My former staff would sometimes cringe at my bisaya because it is, as they say in tagalog, sintonado. I learned to speak Bisaya in less than a yea. I think at 3 months I already comprehended the language but could not really put a decent sentence together. Now, I am proud to be speaking Bisaya for 4 years now.

I had to learn it. I was lucky enough to get a job one month after I got to Gensan. Being in the hotel and restaurant industry all my working life, I knew that it was necessary for me to speak the language if I wanted to be good in my work. I am glad of the support my former workmates gave by not speaking to me in Tagalog and being patient in teaching me Bisaya.

Learning Bisaya is such a gift. It makes you connect with the Generals and even with people you randomly meet when you travel who happen to speak Bisaya. Now I know Ilocano, Pangasinense and Bisaya. (Damn, I wish I honed my French!)
So if you are in a place where the language is alien to you, I suggest you learn the local language. Definitely makes life a lot easier!


4 thoughts on “Bislog: Bisayang Tagalog, Tagalog na Bisaya

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