Busy Day at the Market

It’s December 30, 2007. Two more days and its another new year again.

My husband and I decided to go to the public market to buy vegetables, fruits and fish we need for our Noche Buena. But before that, we dropped by early at the supermarket to pick up a couple of things.

As we had expected, the public market was packed and, as in any christmas time, prices are just way higher than their usual prices. You see, we love grocery shopping and going to the public market a lot so we quite get to monitor the prices. It’s sort of therapeutic going through all those lanes, really! More importantly, we get a good feeling when we see the refrigerator and the pantry all stocked up. Not that we spend unnecesssarily, we just try to have what we expect we will need for the week.

As I was saying, the public market was already busy with shoppers and vendors alike. There were so many fruits on display already, some of whom I don’t quite often see sold there. I think there were also twice as many vendors on that street today.

A lot of people were busy choosing their fruits. Filipinos prepare either 7 kinds or 13 kinds of round-shaped fruits to be placed on their tables when the new year comes. Having these fruits are said to bring good luck. I always have 13 kinds of fruits but now that I’m thinking about it, I’m not sure whether they really bring good luck. I wish they WOULD really bring good luck though. The local news said today, “Who is being lucky, the buyers or the vendors?”

I think that the New Year is observed more seriously by Filipinos than the December 25. So even if vendors take advantage of the celebration is up to them. But, really, we cannot keep the New Year from coming. So let’s just make sure we are ready for it!


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