Philippine Christian Bookstore

You might be wondering why I’m writing about PCBS or Philippine Christian Bookstore. This is quite late an article for them but anyway, here goes.

Over the christmas gift-buying season, I always try to buy gifts which are not found in the mall or in any other place where I know the recipients might be going to also. I always like it when people tell me, “Oh where did you buy this?”. Makes me feel like a shopping expert.

PCBS logo

One of the places I buy gifts is PCBS because I like giving books. I personally read a lot of books. I have discovered PCBS for three years now I think. When I was still working for a hotel here, I invited them to the Christmas Bazaar. And if God will allow that I be able to organize events again, I will surely would like to invite them again. What I like about it is they sell a lot of good books. Of course, since it’s a christian bookstore, expect the books to be geared or anchored on the Bible and christian living. the place is small for all the nice books they have to display and I do hope they get a bigger place. I also like how they have organized the place given the space deficiency. What’s more, the books are so affordable and diversified. They have books for business, family life, personal reflections, marriage, courtship, children and more. They have gift items too. So the next time you are gift-hunting, why don’t you try to visit PCBS. It’s right along Pendatun Avenue facing City Hall Park.

4 thoughts on “Philippine Christian Bookstore

  1. Oh! I also like PCBS. One day I was so sad and almost considered naglayas when i happen to pass one of their braches…the staff there really touched me. Now he’s my friend whom I m havin fellowship with.

  2. Hi po. Can I just ask if saan po ngtransfer ang PCBS sa gensan? Kasi wala na po yata sila sa Pendatun. I need to buy hymnals para sa church namin. Thanks po.

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