Coffee Places

When I got to Gensan in 2003, I was immediately in search of restaurants and coffee places. If I remember it right, there was not a lot of choices then! Now there are a couple of good places to go if you want cafe ambience and coffee, of course.

Here they are!

  • Orange Bistro in Lagao (used to Orange Cafe on Pioneer Ave.)
  • Fagioli in Lagao also
  • McGregor, National Highway in front of Yellow Bus Station
  • Cafe Amigo onSouth Osmena
  • Sunset Cafe, EastAsia Royale Hotel arcade
  • Coffee Club 101 on Laurel

2 thoughts on “Coffee Places

  1. i’ve been to the cafes listed above… i should say that cafe amigo has the best ‘quality’ of coffee… their coffee is of ‘near perfect blend’; which is robust and light at the same time, with an aroma that fills their dining area… it is ‘fresh’ as well – owing that the beans may not have stayed long in some damp warehouse from the time that it was harvested, dried, and roasted… i go to general santos (and mindanao) every other month to take care of my businesses, and i enjoy a cup of coffee in the specialty cafes in the city… i sometimes bring with me back to manila a bag of their ‘home blend’ coffee although the location of the cafe is a bit ‘odd’ – as it is in the opposite corner of the more busier/livelier part of south osmeña, i still go there as it is my ‘starbucks’ in my beloved hometown (i am now based in manila)… i believe they are the first one who served specialty coffees in the city…

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