Check out these New Places!

These restaurants or shops opened just around the last quarter of last year.  I personally am happy that they opened branches in Gensan.

  • Mang Inasal at KCC Mall

It is a barbecue restaurant that has franchises all over the Philippines. As Generals are barbecue addicts, it seems to be quite busy!

  • Zagu still at KCC Mall

Is it obvious I frequent KCC Mall? Hehehe! I love Zagu particularly their Pearl Milk Tea. with extra pearls all the time (if their stocks permit).

  • Holiday Spa

My husband and I  checked Holiday Spa in November. I had a foot spa and he had a full body massage. We loved it! The price is very affordable as well. The place is neat and relaxing. The staff are courteous and well-trained.

  • Grab a Crab Restaurant and Coffee Club 101

Formerly Orient Seas Restaurant, it is now an urban hangout. Located on Laurel Street.

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