Where to buy Tuna

When you come to Gensan, you cannot not eat tuna! It is compared to going to Thailand and not getting a Thai massage. Even though global trade and smart business people have made it easier for us to enjoy something that is unique to a certain place only, nothing beats having it in the place they come from. Like bagoong from Pangasinan or lanzones from Camiguin. Even white sand from Boracay can be found somewhere else!

Now as I was saying, when you come to Gensan, you would surely ask, “where can we get tuna?”.

If you want to be ultra-touristic, you should go to the Fishport located in Tambler. If you are going to commute, you have to get on a jeep that will go to the Fishport. These jeepneys pass Pioneer avenue or the public market. But before you go there, make sure you are wearing boots and wearing long pants and sleeved shirt if you really want to get into the market areas. Otherwise, you can’t see eye-to-eye with the big tunas. Fish sold at the Fishport is cheaper than other places you can buy them from. What’s more, the fish are fresh from the sea, eyes bright and flesh firm they are such a delight to sea. You will not find other kinds of fishes and seafoods there too. If you are driving your own vehicle, there is a minimal entrance fee per vehicle.

Or you can  go to the public market. Don’t go in the early mornings, go around 10am when fish dealers have come from the Fishport. One tip don’t look fancy and don’t wear open toe slippers.

If you would like to buy precut, blast frozen tuna cuts or tuna-value added products, you can visit the following stores:

  • Pacific Seas (national highway and aparente st.)
  • Citra Mina (national highway, tambler and davao)
  • RDEX (RD plaza, national highway)
  • Jobit Tuna Deli (magsaysay avenue)

Citra Mina is the forerunner of these frozen tuna shops. They are quite expensive than the other stores but the quality, I would say, is good. I personally like buying from Pacific seas because the prices are good and the staff know when to talk and what to say (haha!). Jobit’s hotdogs and franks are yummy. RDEX’s tuna sticks and nuggets are ok.

There are also tuna products in grocery stores though I have not seen the above brands in there. There are actually other companies selling tuna but they have not set up shop in the downtown area.


27 thoughts on “Where to buy Tuna

  1. Hi,, its nice to hear from you about where to go and buy tuna fish…
    i would like to have some inquiry about the contacts of the said above dealer.
    Pls, give the information of the person whom i will contact.
    I need your reply soon…
    Thank You so much….

    best regards

  2. heloo ms.cathy. im geraldine a 4th yr student of GFI college, i hope & i pray that you can help me with my group in our project at school it’s called Business mngt. research & we choosed to study the fish dealer’s business, what they do or how they operates thier business, how is it useful, and the SWOT analysis.. we need some informations about thier business & we think you are the best person to ask about it than to search other web page.

    hope it will not bother you.

    we’re hoping for positive reply.

    God bless…

  3. hi cathy, i am wondering again how could i missed this article when i was about to go to Gensan. Unfortunately, i was denied entry to the fishport coz of failing to wear proper attire and a pair of shoes. i had to adjourn to the nearby beach for a drink hahaha

  4. Hi Kongleong! There’s not much to update about where to buy tuna. it’s still the same outlets.

    Yes, you have to wear boots and sleeveless shirts and shorts are prohibited in the fishport.

  5. i am interested in tuna business here in our place i am living here at compostela, compostela valley province, rdex had already have an outlet in the other town so i am planning if any company interested in supplying me thier products i already have a store, actually i am selling motorcycles near the public market so i =t is a nice place place for frozen tuna products. my conctact number is +639286831170. any help is appreciated thank you.

  6. Hi! I am cai from Bohol, I am planning to venture into tuna business. I am actually renting a small space in our city. Pretty sure this business would be an additional income for our family. I would like to ask if there would be a cheaper way in shipping the product from gensan to tagbilaran city? I hope you could help me with this. Thanks so much!

  7. Hello,
    I am Mhercie Sanchez. I want to start a business here in Floridablanca Pampanga. I think tuna frozen products is new product line here. Could you help me contact above mentioned companies?
    thanks a lot!

  8. Hello,
    I am Mhercie Sanchez. I want to start a business here in Floridablanca Pampanga. I think tuna frozen products would be a new product line here. Could you help me contact above mentioned companies?
    thanks a lot!

  9. Hi cathy,i am here at naga city in bikol…i am interested to start a business of frozen products about tuna…please help me finding/contact person or establishment.
    Thank you and looking for your utmost response.

    • Hi Nadia. I’m sorry I do not have pricelists as I do not work for any of these tuna companies. Please get in touch with them directly to inquire. Thanks!

      • Great Day!

        Thanks for the info, much appreciated! I already have the price list of Citramina company. Thanks & God bless! 🙂

  10. Hi! Where and how do I order a whole Tuna (for sashimi) and have it delivered to Davao? Would you know if they also have swordfish available? Maybe at the fishport?

    I think I saw someone comment that there’s a ‘proper attire’ to get in to the fishport – may I ask what that is?


    • HI Ayi. RDEX’s number is 5532846, Pacific Seas is 3015678, citra mina’s 5529141. area code in gensan is 083. Yes, for Fishport, wear long pants and closed toe shoes. Thanks!

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