Weekend Scenes in Gensan

I had a rare opportunity to be out downtown or travelling during the weekend. And I realized a couple of things.

Saturdays are, of course, not your usual weekday rush-to-work eksena. It was slower but with a little energy brought about by weekends. Add to that, the need to do some housework and errands for the house. Laundry, general cleaning, grocery and the like.

Late afternoon of Saturday was surprising. To think that I have lived here for almost 5 years. The downtown area, officers, shops were closing at exactly 5pm like in any weekday. But on this day, you could literally see the city closing down like a garage door. It was like, “we are closing even if you want to buy all our products”. Because it’s Saturday.

Sundays, you will see families heading for churches. Then to the malls after the 10 or 9am mass. Others choose to go home then go to the mall later in the afternoon. Malls are practically packed on Sunday afternoons with some mothers chasing after the last chunk of the weekend to replenish their refrigerators and pantry. Between morning church time and late afternoon, the streets are quiet.

Restaurants are not busy on weekends. Sad but it’s the case for Gensan. Beaches and swmming pools might be but not restaurants. Gensan is not like other metros where people just don’t want to eat home-cooked meals on weekends


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