Restaurant Review 2: Theresa’s Cafe

After dropping off a proposal for a client, I decided to check out a new restaurant in Gensan called Theresa’s Cafe. I came to know about it from the city government’s official website, I was intrigued by the article.

Well, it is indeed on the quieter side of the Osmena St. The facade is simple and cafe-ish. It would be intimidating for people who are not used to eating in these types of dining places. I would say the interior is cozy and, if I’m not mistaken, the only one in Gensan which would have this look. Tables and chairs are made of wood. Most chairs do not have backs and armrests though so you either have to vacate your seat in an hour or have a strong back. ‘wink’. I cannot say it’s not comfortable. In fact, it’s okay with me.

The food is good. I had pepper pasta with tuna (i think) with olives and basil. It was refreshing to see their presentation. Not a common thing in most restaurants in Gensan. Plain white plate, height, good play of colors. Their menu had items not yet offered in the city.  I tried the Thai Tea coffee (are you confused? I was for a while.) It’s not tea. I suppose Thai Tea is a coffee brand. It had a cinnamon taste to it.

The dining staff were friendly and in proper uniforms, thank God. Plus, they knew how to talk.

One thing though, the music was a bit loud and quite not smack for the place.  But all in all, I liked the dining experience. I’m not a fan yet but I will sure come back.


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