Is Gensan ready for more malls?

I always hear rumors of one or two malls being built in Gensan in the near future. I personally would love more malls as KCC is starting to be boring and Gaisano needs more organizing here and there for a more pleasureable shopping. Gaisano’s choices though appear to be better and the prices are great too. However, are we ready for more malls? Can the Generals sustain them?

Local and national malls alike are rumored to be inquiring. Not surprising as Gensan is the onlyurbanized city in this area of Mindanao. People from far-flung towns come in trucks or what they call ‘weapon’ to shop or go malling. There are a lot of wealthy people living in far towns who would always want to splurge or simply buy something not found in their local public markets.

However, I think that an additional shopping place would be great on the initial months. It has become somewhat of a trend here in Gensan that, when there is a new establishment, a restaurant for example, it enjoys good business for the first three months. But after that period, it either stagnates or goes downhill. The only difference would be if it’s the only one of its kinds or the products or services are great.

Right now, there are only a few people who wait by the steps of the malls before it opens. If you have seen the crowd before opening time in SM Makati or Davao, you will pity malls in Gensan. On weekdays, except if it’s the Holiday season or days near payday, the malls are not busy at all. I was in Gaisano yesterday and the staff were just chit-chatting.

In my opinion, anothermall would be great if and only if it will offer something else not offered in the existing malls now and if it will be bigger.We tend to commensurate a mall’s worthiness to its size, don’t we?


8 thoughts on “Is Gensan ready for more malls?

  1. I noticed that too! But gladly, I still see lines on cashier counters so it must still be good business di ba. Ako rin minsan window shop din but I always eat.

  2. I think that Gensan is ready for more malls. There are a lot of rich people there and from nearby provinces who are doing their shopping in Davao. So if SM and Rob will finally open their malls there, then I’m sure that there will be no need for people from gsc to go to davao just to shop. Gensan is a pretty promising city. You have everything in place. It just needs more investments, more pr, and big events.

  3. Hi Jason! I do hope you are right bec it will definitely be beneficial for people from this city. I personally think that Gensan is not yet ready for more malls basing it from the foot traffic in malls. thanks for dropping by!

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