Restaurant Review 3: Six Blings Ostrich Bar and Restaurant

My husband and I checked Six Blings last night. It’s in the compound of Bigshots Badminton Court. I have not tried their ostrich specialties so we decided to have dinner there.

Of course, I had to order the Ostrich Sizzling Steak. My husband ordered Ostrich Adobo. I found the steak really, really good! It tasted like beef/pork tenderloin. If I didn’t know it was ostrich, I would not have an inkling at all that it was ostrich. The seasonings were non-complicated and the texture was just right. We did not order anything else as I just wanted to try the ostrich steak. I guess we have to go back another time to try the other fares like Dili-Ka guapo, a Haw’s appetizer. Very clever name. You have to go to Six Blings to know what it is.

As for the restaurant itself, I thought it was too bright and felt like I was in my own dining table becauce of the fluorescent lights. The service was good, one of the best I have seen in Gensan. Too bad there were just a few tables occupied that night.

Six Blings has a unique offering being the only restaurant with Ostrich on the menu so they better push it some more.


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