Businesses that are not yet in Gensan

Every now and then, there would be things I find I need which are not yet available in Gensan. Let me say, though, that as it is, Gensan has everything that you need to live comfortably and with a little luxury here and there. However, these suggestions would be a good thing to have in the city and would be great business ventures. Sadly, I don’t have the capital for these dream businesses yet! (and I say yet!) so I will post them here in the hope that somebody would find them and invest in them. Pretty, pretty please…

One of the major things I need would be a weekend destination for children. Yes, we have malls and a couple of swimming pools but after you have lived here a couple of years, you would find those boring already. It would be great to have amusement parks or country clubs or waterparks with a lot of amenities or, dream on, something like SM MOA Discovery Center.

One other thing would be a dance training studio. I love to dance and sing. There are a couple of training schools here for singing but none for dance. (Or maybe I have not discovered it yet?) One that would teach you to dance not just for fitness but to really get to know a certain dance well.

Although we have good restaurants here already, it would be lovely to have a Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean or real Chinese Dimsum restaurant. European themed restos might not be a hit yet, but I hope the time will come. There is life after barbecue and tola, Generals, remember that.

Other businesses in my wish list:

  • Kids’ salon or spa
  • Wendy’s Restaurant
  • French Baker
  • National Bookstore (with lots and lots of books please!)
  • A city skyline restaurant with a good view
  • A clean-fun bar and/or discotheque
  • Specialty groceries

35 thoughts on “Businesses that are not yet in Gensan

  1. Japanese & Oriental food? Try Oriental Room at Lagao. This used to be Nimoshobe. They have the best sushis and thai tom yum goong.

    Chinese dimsum? Big Chow beside Shakey’s Gaisano is arguably tops when it comes to that area. This is owned by the South Park Noodle House people, formerly at the RD bldg in Santiago. Their UNO cafe serves european fare such as HUGE SAUSAGE Sandwiches, and i mean, huge.

    Babes Bar is still ok when it comes to discos but crowd is mostly very young or the very old (DOM’s).

    SM coming very soon… Robinson’s to follow. In 2 years, we will all forget that Davao City exists. Hehehe.

    See you around.

  2. Ma’am, I also wish that there would be more stores here in Gensan to make life here more bearable, but I have come to realize that it’s wishful thinking. The reality is that these businesses will not survive in a place such as Gensan

    I’me from Manila and I find the place every very boring with very very limited entertainment and dining spots.

  3. Hi Chris! Why, I’m sad to hear you are finding life in Gensan unbearable ba? I’m happy here in Gensan. It depends on your preferences actually and how well you accept things here. It’s not bad at all! Business? Things will be good here, believe me! I hope I rub some Gensan appreciation on you. 🙂

  4. I am a graduate from Mindanao State University gensan but as of now m residing at Bacoor Cavite. Ano na po ba ang balita diyan tungkol sa SM at Robinsons?……excited na akong umuwi

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  6. Investor still have confidence to put their business in Gensan. Imagine in all cities in the Philippines Gensan will have cameras in major gateway going to Davao and Koronadal that can monitor in and out of people and its vehicle. The city has learned from the past and terrorist is teaching the city to be more modernize and protect the city. If you see our highways are wide and roads are clean. 3 yrs from now you will see the high rise crane building of wide malls and hotel. Imagine you will get after incoming years no need for us to go to Davao…
    Support the Development in Gensan

  7. Hi Jermaine! thanks for droppng by. I cannot quite agree with you entirely on your comment. One, as far as I know, no high rise building can be given permission in gensan since the soil “daw” is not ideal for high rise buildings. If you haven’t noticed, buildings here have max 6 or 7 floors. Two, gensan getting to be davao is quite 5 to 10 years away for me. I do hope I am wrong but with the pace of development now, it just might be the case. anyway, i have great dreams for gensan too! i have honestly decreased my trips to davao to buy something.

  8. Hello Im accounting graduate 29 years old where can I apply jobs here? inform or send me a message in my yahoo account pleaste. thnx

  9. hi all
    any updates from the city? its been quite years am not around the city? discuss or updates people, business, environment and leisure etc….ty.

    fr: uk

  10. Cathy, it was great to meet you today! Hope to talk to you more next time. I’ll open a Thai kitchen for you in my new home 🙂 I like to cook Thai food and I’m bringing Thai herbs for planting here next month. Went around the palengke and the malls to check out the ingredients. There’s pad thai noodles so I’ll definitely cooking it from time to time.

  11. HI Gay! It was my pleasure meeting you! Sorry di ko na kayo masyado naasikaso. we’d love to be diners in your Thai kitchen hehe! Sure we’d like that a lot. It’s a struggle getting not-the-usual food stuff in Gensan. I didn’t know they had pad thai noodles here! Merry Christmas!

  12. Yup, it’s the hofan noodles. There’s plenty at KCC (or Gaisano, I think). Wala nga lang herbs so I’ve got to bring my own stash to plant. Hope to get a decent apartment/house when I get back here. See you next year!

  13. hi cathy, thanks for ur prompt reply. Do I need a filipino partner to start a business coz I need to hv business reg. Where is the best venue to operate? How much is the rental? Or rather I would set up a counter at one of the shopping mall for the display of the products need no large space. Sorry to bombard you with these stupid questions.

  14. a bar that would compete Babes bar would do… the main problem is that customers or market is not good enough to make a certain business successful.

  15. hi! ako pala si danilyn, help me naman o.. may assignment kasi ako. diko alam kng anu ang sagot, 10 businesess in the phili. yong ass. ko

  16. Hi peeps, tagal ding walang nagpost dito ah.. ok since ang topic is “Businesses that are not yet in Gensan”, hmmm have you heared or know any billiard chalk manufacturing company in gensan? or even in whole philippines.. I’m proud to say my father started it since 1970’s kaya nga lang mahina ang marketing, but now, he gave me the full authority to run together with my brother, I am currently here in Dubai for work at same time seeking some interested investors and suppliers. So if one of you is from other places in Phils not including gensan can be a distributor which is very competetive business coz of it’s uniqueness and lamang tayo sa presyo kase you will be getting ur billiards chalk direct from our manufacturing company with Filipinos best quality proven by our top players in the world… hirap mag start up.. pero I have a great vision out of this business… Money… come!!!!!!! 😀

  17. Go go go gensan…. sarap kaya sa gensan sino yung nagcomment na boring, i’ve been to makati, manila, cebu, malaysia and dubai.. i still see gensan is a nice place to stay. bakit sa manila may olaer?? malapit ang lion’s beach??? barato ang bugas?? kalisod didto manang, gabaha pa jud… sa gensan magbaha ra ang mga pagkaon…hehehehe, peace… wag lang sana magbombing and brown out… kainis… kakasira ng image. pero di taga gensan yung gumugulo ha… PROMISE

    • HAHAHA, OPO AKO NGA.. but now i’m here in Dubai… hmmm, i’m planning to put up website for this kind of business coz it would help a lot in international marketing pero slow slow muna.. baka may magkainterest jan, parnter tayo… kaw sa contacts ako sa production.. hehehehe.. galing ah, di ka ba natutulog? bilis ng reply…

  18. Hi there, I am currently living in UK and planning to go back to my homeland in Gensan… I am planning to do a small business that can help us for our future life. Please give us more options or ideas of business that is good to have sa Gensan…thank you and hope to hear from you.

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