My Favorite Food Finds in Gensan

They are what makes most of my days because I love food! Great food and some of them happen to be very, very affordable. Some of these are not secrets at all. Most of them are popular that’s probably why I knew of them from friends or former workmates. Now, let me just make it clear right now that this list does not come in any order.

1. Jo-Ann’s Bakeshoppe’s Siopao – Yummy! The best siopao I have ever tasted.

2. Orange Bistro’s Beef Salpicao- It’s good!

3. Sarangani Highlands’ Pansit and Butterfly Shrimps- The pansit has that ‘pansit’ smell and taste that is really good. Butterfly Shrimps is Doc A’s recipe.

4. Yolly’s Palabok- need I say more?

5. Barbecue from this small stall in front of Purok Malakas Market

6. Cafe Leticia’s Bachoy (Family Country Hotel)- if you have fever, their bachoy will make you well!

7. Ranchero’s Baby Back Ribs

8. I Love Sushi’s Katsudon

9. Sunset Cafe’s Chicken Pandan and Fried Balut (not sure about the title)

I am sure I forgot something and I am sure I have made you hungry. Life is good!

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Food Finds in Gensan

  1. In my opinion, the best foods in GenSan are:

    1. I agree with you – the Baby Back ribs at Ranchero are superb.
    2. For pork bbq, Marietta’s can’t be beaten!
    3. The seargeant fish at Isla parilla is great.

  2. Marieta’s? I haven’t been eating in that area really. There’s actually a dimsum diner right across. Now I’m intrigued about their bbq.

  3. I have been eating BBQ at Marietas for about 15 years now! It is the best I’ve ever found! Usually when we go to GenSan, we will bring an ice chest and buy a few hundred uncooked sticks of BBQ, bring them home and put them in the freezer. They know us there, so they are happy to oblige us!

  4. talking ’bout pork bbq i thnk the best is in san pedro at lagao, u rili can’t rsist and the dlicious roast chken hmmm yet cheap but promis its rili dlicious try it its located at lagao road in front of orange bistro..

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