Great Family Day at Shalom Crest Wizard Academy

Last February 16 was Family Day at my daughter’s school, Shalom Crest Wizard Academy. It was our first time so we went to the meeting before the event and joined the affair last saturday too. This year’s theme was Love is spelled as T.I.M.E.. Tying Individual Moments for Everybody.

It started really early at 6am for the motorcade. Unfortunately, since my husband is still out of town, we did not have any transpo for the motorcade and just went straight to the school. The whole day was filled with games and more games! After lunch was Bingo time.

The night was capped by the Cultural Night. My daughter and I landed third in the duet singing contest but it’s ok. She was definitely the youngest at 4 and was somewhat surprised at the attention of the crowd. We enjoyed it definitely.

Too bad my team (I’m with the green team) got third place overall. But it was fun I would say. The attendance was surely not astounding but the people who were there were really there to cheer their team and to just simply spend the time with their children.

Will I attend next year’s Family Day? Yes I would. I just hope it could be shorter because we were there from sun up to beyond sun down.

The event was organized by SCWA PTCA. Congratulations!


23 thoughts on “Great Family Day at Shalom Crest Wizard Academy

  1. Hi. My family’s planning to move to Gensan and I’m thinking of enrolling my boy in SCWA. He’s coming in as a Grade 4 student. Do you have any advice or comments about the school? I hope you can help me out and email me your response to thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Jerald! So far I don’t have any bad thing to say about Wizard. I only don’t like that the other parents and guardians stay inside the school campus. But they are working on it.

  3. Hi Kris! I’ve actually received a similar comment but I personally think that the extra curricular activities benefit students i had the same when i was still studying and it did well for me, i think. but i’ll tell the school about it. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Hi again, Cathy! Thanks again for your help. My boy is now studying in Wizard, and I think that the school is absolutely great! Yeah, they do have a lot of extracurricular activities, but I think that it balances the academics…Interpersonal growth and all that. 🙂

  5. Hi again Cathy! It’s Jerald again. Do you know the school’s address? I need for a form I’m filling up. Hope you can help me out!

  6. Hi Jerald! Here’s the school’s address: Salvani St., Oringo Subd., General Santos City. Hey, you’re online very early. Hope this still made habol!

  7. hi ms. Cathy, i have to the some project and interview some teachers. i’ve considered to include a teacher from wizard but i don’t know the name of the principal. i need it to know to whom i should address the letter of intent i am making. i need it asap,i’ve tried searching for their website to find it since i don’t know the address either, but it seems they don’t have one yet. i hope you could help me. thank you. ^^

  8. hi ..
    the shalom crest wizard academy school
    is my best school in my whole life
    i started my school there when i’m in grade 2
    and up to 4/5
    but the students,teachers and staff of scwa is so patient ,joyfull,respect full,and more
    pls enroll your child to scwa school
    to enjoy your child life and there education

    i miss my school!!

  9. hello would like to know the monthly tuition,books in SCWA school??I want to transfer my Grade 1 & Grade 3 this coming June….Thank You.

    • Hi Ailen. I can’t remember how much is the monthly tuition fee. All in all, it’s about 22,000 to 26,000 per year. You can call SCWA na lang to inquire. Thanks!

  10. Hi Ms. Cathy,

    Any idea for incoming Grade 4, Grade 2 and KG 2 per year please? Need to transfer my kids and I heard good comments/reviews about SCWA. Appreciate your information since I am only arriving next month in Gensan. Thank you so much.

      • Hi Cathy, thanks for your quick response. I will check their FB page then. It is not easy to reach them as i am trying to call but maybe because the international connection is not ok.
        Anyway, thanks for the info it will help me a lot. Take care.

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