Gensan Airport

I have seen a lot of airports and I think that Gensan’s airport terminal would be one of the dreariest (is there such a word?) airports I’ve seen. The dreariest is in faraway, remote 800 meter runway airport in Coron, Northern Palawan.

I think the building badly needs painting, the check-in counters functional, toilets are definitely in need of rehabilitation. The lighting could be better too. I see a lot of busted (unlit maybe) bulbs.

The exterior is okay. Parking spaces are abundant and the garden just needs some magic touch by Dr. Abella. But it’s good-looking enough. It might also be good to put a covered walk from the arrival area to the parking areas.

It might be great to put more stores inside the terminal because the airport is practically operating almost for 9 hours everyday with 3 daily flights now. Specially since the airlines are not comng in or flying out on time lately, the passengers need more entertainment inside the terminal.


4 thoughts on “Gensan Airport

  1. Hi, maybe what we need is a female mayor to renovate the airport and get rid of those dreadful eyesores specially along Acharon Boulevard.

  2. Hi Anynomouse! Maybe! But I think it’s not entirely dependent on gender. how about makati? it looks good but the streets do look great.
    By the way, nice name.

  3. I’m just wondering how Mayor Jun can stand the sight of those dilapidated buildings dotting the boulevard named after his father. What is the planning office or cemcdo doing about these eyesores? Not to mention the ubiquitous (alright, criminally notorious) tun-og kids whose presence makes the said area seem like a ghost town at night scaring away promenaders. A PNP outpost should be placed there, pronto!

  4. I agree with you! The waterfront on Acharon all the way to Bula should actually be optimized. I heard they have plans on improving that area but I cannot remember the particulars. In other places like Manila or Miami the beachfront area is really a prime area.

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