Gym anyone?

I’m not a fitness enthusiast. Yet. Although I’ve been wanting and planning forever to enrol in a gym or a dance class.

But if you’re looking for gyms in Gensan, you might want to check out these establishments.

  • Fitness Mania Haus on RD Plaza
  • Muscletrack on Papaya Extension, near Magsaysay ave.
  • Arcadia on J. Catolico, same building as Yabut Clinic and the new Green Bank

I see this Lagao ProGym on the way home. It’s near Trade School but I’m not sure if it’s still operating.

If you ask me which one I will choose if I do get to enrol, I might go to Fitness Mania because it’s not airconditioned and they have regular dance classes or Arcadia maybe. It’s clean, the facilities are new. The proximity to my house might be a problem though. I believe Arcadia has the highest rates but it’s totally worth it.


47 thoughts on “Gym anyone?

  1. Hi Kevin! Of course the gyms here are behind by a mile and more from Gold’s Gym or Fitness First. But if you ask a fitness enthusiast, it’s not the equipment. It’s the desire to be fit. ciao!

  2. Hi

    Thanks. I am relocating and dont know much aboout gensan. would be great if you can post photos and rates. or can you point me to their website please? phone numbers?

    do any of the gyms have yoga or pilates classes?

  3. Hi Cole! The gyms do not have websites yet except those that we feature in our blogs. If you’re moving to gensan, you’ll discover them eventually. So far only one gym offers yoga and that’s Arkadia. The Holiday Spa here does not have a gym, only spa facilities.

  4. Haha. Nice one. I’m planning to enroll in Arcadia, been 5mos. in Gensan already. and im staying for good because of work. Care to be friends? Coz i don’t have much here in gensan, I hope iI’d be satisfied withArcadia, because Fitness First gives a lot of encouraging for me to go on, and I’ve stopped gym because of the relocation.

  5. Been staying in GenSan for a month now (and might stay here for quite a while). I’m renting an apartment in Malakas and I’ve been looking for a gym around. It seems I really have to go downtown whenever I want to hit the gym kasi wala akong makitang malapit na gym around Malakas area.

  6. Thanks Cathy! 🙂 Btw, where’s the best place to jog around GenSan. I attempted to have my regular morning jog around the vicinity of Malakas pero ang daming asong nanghahabol. Haha!

  7. pls..kindly provide me lagao gym in gen san,.im from gma 7 and im planning to have manny pacquiao’s show there..pls.tnx.

  8. Does this gym have dumbbell and what weight do they go up to? I’m coming to GenSen in a couple weeks and want to be hitting the gym. Looking on with lots of wieghts for strength training.


  9. Welcome you all to our regular Yoga Class in Amsai Sunrise- Atis Extention ( in the back of kurdapoy restaurant).
    Ananda Marga Yoga, the first yoga group to teach regular yoga classes in Philippines (since 1967), offers yoga asanas classes, yogic treatment (natural healing), yoga detox, healthy vegetarian cooking and smorgasbord and personal instruction in meditation .

    Ananda Marga in Philippines is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Our yoga classes and meditation instructions in Atis Extention, GSC are open to all ages. For more info, please contact: (+83)3022853 or 09222112257

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