Gensan Hotels online

I am glad to note that major hotels in General santos have their own websites already. However, some are not maximized. What do I mean by that? One, when you search for them in search engines, they are not even anywhere page 4. Even if you use the keyword gensan hotel. Two, some don’t have any presence in travel websites.

Travel websites are a great way to get exposure for your hotel or resort. It’s also a good source of bookings as predicted that 65% of bookings will come through the internet. Usually, inclusion is free and easy.

One of these travel websites I recently discovered is

Before, if you have to book for a hotel or airline ticket, you or somebody has to go to the office of a travel agent or ticketing office or at least call to make your reservations. To get hotel discounts, you either have to know somebody connected to the hotel or travel with a group. Sometimes, it could get inconvenient having to brave through traffic or having to leave work.

Some of you might be still doing that, going to offices and booking. Some are already discovering the convenience of booking online through websites that provide for all your travelling needs and even better! has a wide range of destinations, a lot of hotels in key cities and grants competitive rates. The website is written in English and Spanish and soon to come, in languages and currency n your country. If you ask me, that’s very customer-friendly. The rates can definitely compete with those of other travel websites. What’s more, the layout of the website is not confusing, easy on the eyes and clean.

Other great things I found interesting:

  • Up to $ 100 rebate when you put in a 12-flight booking

  • Option to book online or call their toll-free number

  • Up to 70% savings on your bookings

  • Multilingual capable site

  • Destination guide for key cities all over the world

  • Wide range of travel arrangements from cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, airlines, discount clubs, condotels and more

  • Special link for Group bookings

So if you own a hotel or work for one or will travel soon, try the site. It just might be just what you are looking for!


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