Restaurant Review 4: Grab a Crab

Don’t think I’m sosyal. Dr. Abella treated me to lunch at Grab a Crab then coffee at Coffee Club 101 afterwards. Thanks doc!

You will already see from the exterior of their building that, well, it’s a posh restaurant and it is. The restaurant’s main dining area is fabulous I would say. The furniture and dinnerware speak of elegance. I salute them on deciding on a wood floor because it is definitely harder to maintain and clean than tiled or concrete floors. But it does make the room look warm or cozy. One thing I always worry about wood floors is that they absorb all the steps and moving of chairs.

I’m not sure if they claim to be fine dining but honestly, there are points where I think they would have to be categorized as a casual dining restaurant. One they have paper table placemats and paper napkins. Most of their competitors in gensan are already into the cloth table napkins so I’m surprised they did not do that too. The table set up was not definitely fine dining. Second, they have a tv, two in fact! And they have upbeat pop music. I’m not a fan of television sets in even casual dining restaurant as it tends to make the place look not very elegant.

On entering, I was not welcomed. I’m not sure if it was because I was alone or I didn’t look too rich. But seeing from how the other guests who arrived after me were welcomed, it seems it is not their norm to welcome or even greet guests as they enter and seat them, which should be a standard for any restaurant category. Good thing, the rest of the service was satisfactory. Our waiter seems pleasant although he left out an order out of our total bill. Luckily, we still decided to have coffee. Otherwise, it would have been charged to him. Uh-oh.

The food is good. Our soup, hot and sour szechuan was excellent. We had crabs of course, but it was not too impressive. Maybe we should order more the next time. The lapu-lapu we had was cooked just how we liked it. The taste was simple, even fresh and not unpretentious or overtrying. I could still sense Orient Seas somewhere in the cooking.  Good thing they served water in water goblets. I have to point out that they have so many dishes on their menu. I think they probably have about 100 dishes there. Their menu this early is looking dilapidated already, the main pages coming off the binding. Might not be their fault but the printer’s.

The place was almost full for that lunch service so they must be getting good business if they get busy at lunch on a Monday.

My answer is yes. if you will ask me if I wll come back or not. If you have guests and want to show off, you should bring them to Grab a Crab.


7 thoughts on “Restaurant Review 4: Grab a Crab

  1. Hi, we had a get-together there last month with my high school classmates (30+ years ago), our first time there and we felt well accommodated and welcomed. One classmate requested to have her cellphone charged; done! We asked if they could take our group pictures in front of the glass waterfalls; done!
    The food was hot and savory; service was pronto. And yes, we will be back as soon as we have saved enough for another feast. 🙂

  2. “On entering, I was not welcomed. I’m not sure if it was because I was alone or I didn’t look too rich”

    hehehe how to look rich ba? most of the people here naman are ignorant so they would not recognize designer labels, even if you wear Prada, walang effect

    Kahit naka suot ka pa ng Patek Philippe, wala pa ring effect hehehe I remember one incident when I was totally snubbed by a food server here because he saw that my shoes looked old, faded and worn out hehehe he doesn’t know about Sanuk, I pity his ignorance!

  3. Oh chris, are you sure they saw your shoes? well, i’m not really into branded stuff because I spend my money on food and other more important things. it does pay to get a designer item though. It should not bother you if they are ignorant. If they are rude or unpleasant, then that’s when it’s time to say foul.

  4. whe.w.. it was my first time to go in here. at this fab place. seems unwelcome by the crew.. maybe.. look odd for them see not too rich guy. whwe (but luckily handsome) hahahaha.

    i orderd. coffe.. .wow.. 1 glass of it. cost 100 .. haha/ mabuti pa nag kacofe na lang ako sa bahay.. madame pa ko dosina nabili.. but the expereience was great. it invites you to make more mature on how to handle place like this. hahha

    anyway.. im here. becuase were celebrating our 9th monthsary.. haha.. good place to choice. but ready for your financial..

    nice ..


  5. hi vincent! yup could be expensive for a cup of coffee. i think a part of the price goes to the place, the ambience but the coffee is good anyway too! sometimes dining out can be heavy on the wallet but the experience is priceless.

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