Where do you go for your salon services?

Being a woman, there are just a lot of salon or parlor services I need. Not as many as other ladies though.

For my haircut, since it’s always simple, for practical reasons I go to Reyes Haircutters in front of KCC. I am honestly just going there because it’s cheap and near KCC.Β  But I might be moving to another salon next time because I have had encounters with not very courteous hairdressers over there. Not rude-rude but a little lack of finesse.

For my pedicure, I go to Scent of Lavender at the second floor of KCC. I used to have a suki there who left work already. Luckily, there is another lady there who can clean my toenails just the way I like it. Her name is Leny. Very nice lady. Look for her if you need a good manicurista. I don’t get any manicure though.

For massage, I go to Body Excellence along National Highway (near T’boli Hotel). I have tried Asmara on EARH Arcade. Good but forgettable. Body Excellence has really good masseuses (is that correct?) and their rate is very affordable. I usually bring my own massage oil since theirs leaves me smelling of mentholated oil. I bought mine at Zen Zest. Very cheap at P 140 or P 160 per bottle, can’t remember anymore. There is still a lot left after a full body massage. My husband has tried Holiday Spa.Β  He says it’s good also and the price is not bad either for the beautiful place and the good service. I tried their foot spa. You’ll leave the spa with really soft feet. For wax, (yup, ladies need it!) I go to Pleasures Salon and really like how they do it. Their staff are really friendly and they obviously know what they are doing. You know, Pleasures Salon very active in promoting and customer service. They really put a lot of effort into it by sending text messages, asking you if you liked your service and the like.

Now, please don’t ask me about hair treatments and dermatological services because I’ve not really tried any. I hear Egay de Guia is a good place for haircut and treatments.


27 thoughts on “Where do you go for your salon services?

  1. yes, you got “masseuses” right. πŸ™‚ “masseur” is always misspelled by others as “massuer” or “massure.” hahahaha.

  2. the service component of many businesses in the city is always found wanting.
    Examples: 1) computer store at KCC – i went to inquire if they have available asus eepc units. I was told: out of stocks. I asked more questions: can i order/reserve in advance? do i need to make a deposit, etc. Di ba dapat sila itong interesado to make a sale at magvolunteer ng info about the product i’m looking for? 2) From the daproza bldg branch of LBC, I was told to go to the KCC branch to make a payment with for an online order (since they don’t know anything about it). I was told to go to their 3rd branch at Gaisano. Same answer: Ambot! I flared up so they made a call only to be told that indeed lbc accepts such payment type. Only then did they accept my payment. Para akong buyer who insisted that a fruit vendor was selling mangoes of which s/he was not aware! 3) I asked a gaisano salesgirl for whiteboard marker ink, bottles of which are displayed prominently behind her. She: Wala sir! Me: Meron o! She: Asa man sir?
    I rest my case!

  3. i have lived in gensan for three (3) years now and i have never had a haircut here. i always have my hair cut at brunos in manila

  4. holiday spa is the only decent spa here, all the rest are soooooo pathetic (to put it nicely but candidly)

    regarding, customer service, it’s tolerable if they are dumb, ignorant or naive as long as they are not rude

  5. I had a friend who lived in davao. He had always had his haircut done by a suki in davao. But he realized he couldn’t instantly go to davao for a haircut! He’s having his hair done at Ric’s on Pioneer. Sosy ka ha, brunos. LOL.

  6. Hi anonymouse! (I have to type consciously.) OMG, pareho tayo. I hate LBC! Their service is downright lousy. Parang utang na loob mo sa kanila that you are doing business with them, you are soooo right. Aside from that, my brother works for Fedex in Manila so solid Fedex ako. Gaisano does need a lot of perking up in hiring/orienting sales ladies.

  7. why? is brunos sosyal already? it just goes to show that you have been here in gensan for so long hehehe besides, i go home to manila every week so why not get a haircut there?

  8. Hi Chris, the best way to deal with rude store/shop employees is to report them to the supervisor or manager. I remember in Christmas time 2005 when I applied for wifi connection with Smart, I was told by the customer service representative to pay for the installation. So I went directly to the cashier since I was the only customer then. She asked for my “number” (priority number), and since it was my first transaction with them, I didn’t get what she meant. She then told me seriously “your priority number.” I told her I was the only customer there so what did I need a number for (besides I already got a number for wifi application, did I need 2 priority numbers for 2 related transactions)? Was the number more important than me or my payment? She gave her best holiday frown while accepting my money. After getting the receipt, I asked to talk to the supervisor and reported the cashier’s rudeness. With an apology the supervisor gave me a free jacket. So hooray for rudeness!

  9. Chris, “regarding, customer service, it’s tolerable if they are dumb, ignorant or naive as long as they are not rude”

    I once tried hair straightening at a local parlor. The gay beautician assigned to me used the chemical treatment liberally on my hair and literally burned my scalp. Later when I complained to the owner, she told me the beautician was new to the job and I was the first to be “hair-straightened.” I got a full refund for it. So for me, mas ok ang rude but knowledgeable employees kaysa dumb, ignorant or naive. Try experiencing having your arms pricked several times by student nurses in search of a vein so they can insert an intravenous needle. πŸ™‚

  10. hahaha so it pays (literally) to complain and bring up the issue with their supervisors/managers! good for you! you are certainly aware of your rights as a customer πŸ™‚ the next saleslady/cashier/beautician who will attend to you should really be shaking in their boots! πŸ™‚

  11. can i know where is the best for hair treatments here in gensan? i want to have a “relax”. πŸ™‚ thank you

  12. anyone tried HORIZON SPA at apparente st. of malakas near national high sch. for excellent and satisfaction of body massage look for MITCH their licensed massage therapist.

  13. im verry dissapointed in b-nail salon. i front off kcc mall, i will never forget this,. they are not good when it comes to rebond,. its not good,. i swear., maganda lang pag bagong gawa,. with in 4 day i took a shower and then my hair it turns a little bit curly,. what the fuck,. untill now,. curly hair with 5 day,. gosh!

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