Restaurant Review 5: Mang Inasal

My whole family decided to try Mang Inasal in KCC after hearing mass. We made a good decision to have an early lunch because at 11:15 the place was starting to pack up. Gensan people really love bbq a lot.

We ordered pecho, boneless bangus and sinigang na bangus ng belly. The prices are affordable and the portion is not bad.

The taste is another story though. Of course, I understand that it’s not fancy restaurant food. The chicken pecho is not as good as Nadie’s or other Gensan chicken bbq. It is ok. The boneless bangus is good. It looked odd with the yellow food coloring and the grill lines on the surface but it was good. The bangus belly gladly is hot but the broth is obviously made out of some instant sinigang mix. One remarkable thing is the all-you-can-eat rice. Overall, the food was not awesome but it was good for the price.

The dining area looks very comfortable with wood chairs and the yellow and wood colors. The tables and chairs were just squeezed together to maximize the space that there is barely any space to walk around. The place looks clean and polished.

Service? On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, I would give them a 4. Prompt, attentive and courteous despite the crowd.

Will I go back for another meal? I just might if there are just a few people in the restaurant. It will not beat my I love sushi craving lately or KFC but Mang Inasal could be an option.


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Review 5: Mang Inasal

  1. we had a terrible experience at I Love Sushi in KCC, we were served foul smelling fried rice! yun pala ay PANIS!!! sobrang mabaho! at malagkit na rin!

    siguro akala nila ay matatanggal ang pagka panis kapag gawing fried rice!

  2. Hmmm… i wonder how many resto/fastfood owners give their employees free food tasting so they know how those listed in their menus taste like?

  3. Anynomouse, I know restaurants whose waiters know how the food tasted. However, I cannot assume how many. Pray I get them as clients so I will know. *smile*

  4. i lovemang inasal foods…masarap,affordable,and tlagang mabubusog kah…and even busog knah u cant feel it kc u rily want to eat pa

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