Applying for Business Name

I applied today for my business name because I want to really start my events management company. If you have been visiting my Kikay Thoughts blog, you would know that previously I had an events management company which I managed with two other friends.

So today I went to DTI. Surprisingly, they are not getting a lot of people applying for a business name. But even with only ten people in there for their transactions, it was a squeeze already. The whole place could be better organized and made a little bigger giving enough place for applicants. A proper queuing system would also do them good because if you’re not watching it, yourdocuments could be covered by a later applicant. The gentleman at the frontline was ok enough but the other staff could be more “encouraging”. Again, not rude-rude but could be just a little nicer, yeah?

I was done in 30 minutes because I filled up my form right there. The process is thankfully not complicated. Now I do hope it would be the same at the city hall.


One thought on “Applying for Business Name

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