Do you eat Sashimi? Kinilaw? Durian?

I have lived in Gensan for five years now. I have not eaten a single morsel of sashimi nor kinilaw nor fresh durian. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

I have to admit I am not happy that I do not eat those because I consult for restaurants here. I have to freakin’ learn to eat those! Why? Because I do recipe testing all the time. I always do not get to eat sashimi and kinilaw. Why again? I don’t think I will like the taste. Meaning I’m not a General yet.

But believe me, there are real true-blue Generals who don’t. I know many. LOL. It’s like I’m justifying my dislike for those food items.

As for durian, so many people have encouraged me. I eat marang though. I think the right time will come when I will finally be able to eat it. By the way, Kring Macion of Marasa Grill on Kadulasan has the most wonderful tasting durian and mango float. Check it out.

10 thoughts on “Do you eat Sashimi? Kinilaw? Durian?

  1. whaaaat!?! get outta here, kathy!

    read the legend of the durian first then try the durian ice cream. then try the real thing. make sure though you have a glass (or better yet, a litro) of softdrink on hand. they say the softdrink takes the smelly edge off the fruit.

  2. Hi there anynomouse! Oh i’ve tried eating durian ice cream. I wanted to add more cream! LOL. Ok I will try your advice, promise. Last year, I tried eating durian pie at Durian Garden atbp. Failed attempt.

  3. i love kinilaw its the best food i ever tasted 🙂 my auntie has a restaurant here in General Santos City name Marasa Grill served the best Kinilaw in the city as well as Durian Float. try visit Marasa Grill and i’m sure you will love it 🙂

  4. Hi Danica Joy! I’m frequent Marasa bec ate kring is a friend. was just there the other night. yup the durian float is good but I like the mango float better!

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