Trip to the Beach

My husband and I decided to bring the kids to the beach yesterday. We promised our daughter that we would go to the beach after her exams. Besides, it was Pacquiao-Marquez’s fight so we thought the beach would not be busy.

We were right. The resort we went to, Rajah, wasn’t that busy and since we were there at 8am we practically had the beach to ourselves for a couple of minutes.

I wouldn’t have minded if our neighboring cottages were filled. What upset me was the videoke blaring at so early in the morning. It was sacrilegious to the calm of the place. Is there any public beach resort in Gensan that does not have videoke machines? I don’t know of any.

Maybe next time we should just really go all the way to London since the beach is the best in the area. The beach in Rajah had little stones which were not good especially we had our little kids with us.

Next weekend we plan to go to the other side of Sarangani Bay.


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