No Price Increase

Since it’s the Holy Week, I decided to buy vegetables and fish from the public market last Saturday. I was expecting that prices for fresh fish would be increased. Fortunately, they were practically in the same price as they were a couple of days before.

One more good news is that the price for onions has been reduced by a third. When last month, they were at P 120-150, now they were at 40-50 pesos per kilo. Wow, that is really great.

Vegetable prices have not gone up too. They’ve actually reduced by about 5% . Surprisingly, the previous week, meat prices went up. Hmmm… is that a strategy for the coming lean weeks for them? You know, since most people are Catholics and avoid eating meat during Lent esp on Fridays and the Holy Week.

Oh speaking of fish. My husband bought gindara steak at Pacific Seas. I used them to cook fish steak. They were freakin’ good! You and I must have eaten them before but I just want to remind you how good they are. However, they just might not be an ideal fare for the Holy Week. One the price is almost a luxury and two, you just might forget fasting when you eat them!

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