Visit to Durian Garden

On yet again another request by one of our daughters to see birds (two weeks ago it was beach then waterfalls), we went to Durian Garden mainly really for the birds. So off we went.

It was a great day to stroll the garden as it was a little bit cloudy and it was not raining either. So thank goodness they had a good number of birds to satisfy our daughters request. I have been to Durian Garden but somehow, it always seemed to rain whenever we go there so we don’t really get to see beyond the detached cottages. This time, we got to see their Alfresco Hall and another Patio. I was surprised that they actually have a couple of function areas. We also went to see the Butterfly House. Not a lot of butterflies this time and not as colorful as the last time I was there. 

It was great roaming around since we were the only guests at the time. I enjoyed seeing big gumamelas and hydrangea in their garden.

For lunch, we had Nilagpang, Kinilaw na Kambing and Crispy Tilapia. I liked all of them but liked the tilapia the most. It was crispy the way I want it. We had lunch in the nearest hut outside the restaurant. Hmm… next time, we just might eat inside the restaurant because of the flies and cats. My kids got bothered eating because of them.

All in all, we enjoyed our visit. The staff were courteous and the food was good.


12 thoughts on “Visit to Durian Garden

  1. Hi there anynomouse! Oh no, mangantyaw na sad ka! *smile* i actually forgot! hehe! sorry i didn’t bother with the ice cream because i’ve tried it before already.

  2. hi! may i just ask if we can conduct an interview to any of your staff… coz we will have a business plan for our school. please?

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