TNFC Pasalubong Center

Located on the National Highway, Glamang in Polomolok is TNFC’s Pasalubong Center.

TNFC stands for Trully Natural Food Corporation. They sell dried mangoes, papaya, pineapple and a tropical fruit assortment. They also have other fruit products like puree and juice. The dried fruits come in small packagings and big plastic bags. I particularly like their dried pineapple.

In this store, aside from the dried fruits, they have chocolates including my favorite dark chocolate. They also sell other OTOP (One Town, One Product) products. On our recent visit, I saw some banana bread made by Blue Mountain Farms. They were good! Now, I have to go back for the ensaimada.

It’s a small store actually. The location is right outside TNFC’s factory. It has somewhat become like a stopover because they have big streamers announcing clean rest rooms and the wide parking space which is common in most stopovers.

However, if you don’t get to go to Polomolok, you can buy TNFC products also in TWS Ventures in National Highway, Gensan.


36 thoughts on “TNFC Pasalubong Center

  1. May I know the contact details (tel. and email address) of Trully Natural Food Corp. Im interested to know more about their products.

  2. Hi alma! sorry i couldn’t find their number. if you’re in gensan they have an office along national highway. their building is beside t’boli hotel.

  3. Hi anonymous. I have honestly entered their plant, it’s very clean! I also think there is no problem with their product. Do let them know if you got sick, they might have overlooked some procedures.

  4. hi cathy..thanks for the idea..but i am not planning to eat to their products again.i don’t want to experience the same thing..i hope it’s getting better now…well thanks for your advice anyway..

  5. hey everybody!
    i really like their is trully natural, and satisfying. i got their contact no. its 083-301-2063, . call now and be satisfied as well with their products.

  6. Hello anonymous! its not my first time (fyi). I am not an alien about those food and trully natural products. And oh by the way thank you for congratulating me. God bless

  7. Hi Satisfied Customer!Thanks a lot for publishing TNFC’s phone no. I was trying to get their number for months. You’re a big help.God bless…

  8. hello.. evryone!!
    sino po may alam ng land area ng trully natural food corp.??
    i badly needed it for my design..

  9. hello.. evryone!!
    sino po may alam ng overall land area ng trully natural food corp.??
    i badly needed it for my design..

  10. Hi Ms. B, TRULLY is mispelled for you to get notice it…

    It did right? I hope i have helped your answer your confusion.

  11. Hi EOHNE! Well Trully isn’t a unique spelling altogether. 🙂 But I hope if that is indeed their purpose for the spelling, that it works for them.

    • Just go to the plantation and ask the guard on duty ,especially this month they’ll be needing more employee ….
      They’ll be having lot’s of fruit to be process this month…:)

  12. Truly Natural Food Corporation also known as Sweet Valley Foods. Been to their Pasig office few times on official business. They are located at 2091 A West Tower PSE Center, Ortigas Center Pasig City.

  13. hi, can you tell me if they have dried guyabano fruit there we’re in polomolok and it’s the first time i’ve heard of this company, can you also tell me where to buy.

    • Hi Rupert! I have not seen dried guyabano last time I was there. I will check that. They have branches in Polomolok and in Gensan, along the highway just before you enter Doctors Hospital. Thanks!

  14. Hi, everyone!! Their products are not dirty as what the other said!!!
    The plantation is clean and well maintained by the employee as I went there!!!
    It is safe to eat and it can’t cause any sickness, unless if you already have it!!!
    I missed their dried fruits and also the polvoron…

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