Emcor’s Grand Summer Caravan 2008

I am proud to be one of the organizers for Emcor’s Grand Summer Caravan. See you there! Promise it will be fun!


Emcor is having a Grand Summer Caravan at the Oval Plaza on April 15-19, 2008.

Free items and services! Contests! Discounts! Live performances every night! Daily Entertainment!

Check out these activities!

  • Battle of the Bands (open to all bands)
  • FREE Sewing Demo, Video Seminar, Riding Clinic
  • and Servicing!
  • Kite Flying Contest
  • Canon Scrapbook Making Contest
  • Cooking Contest
  • Motorcycle Dress Up
  • Slow Drag
  • Online Gaming
  • Singing Contest (for kids aged 7-10 years old)
  • Drum and Lyre Competition (elementary school-based bands)

For inquiries, call or visit any Emcor store in Gensan or Socsksargen.


9 thoughts on “Emcor’s Grand Summer Caravan 2008

  1. Hmmm… I wish Emcor would also invest in training its salespeople. The only specs they know about the products they’re selling are the prices. Early this year, I asked the sales people in the Emcor showroom near the Gaisano grocery about the specs differences between the two ref models and the answer: “Itong model xxx sir, mas mahal kaysa model yyy.” Yiiiikkkkkeeeesssss!!!

  2. congrats to emcor for its succesful caravan….just one comment,sa motorshow der s one entry na natalo na d matanggap and it cause so much trouble to our group….sports lng sana accept na natalo nalang sya….anyways…..tnx to emcor

  3. After reading your blog. It seemed to me that you’re a person who knows a lot of events going on here at General Santos. By the way, my name is Nate. I am a registered Nurse and a street magician/mentalist at the same time. I just want to ask if there’s an event coming up early this May as I have no track on what’s happening here in Gensan. Anyway, I am offering my services as a mentalist/street magician for events/gatherings/corporate meetings/trade shows.

    I have been performing for quite a while and my clients are given more than what they deserve. Its hard for me to keep track on events thus it has been quite hard to widen the scope of clients that I have. THank you, hope you could help out….

    my contact number is 0921-844-2905..thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Nate! I’m not sure if I know everything that’s going on in the city. *smile* I’ll keep you in mind if I need a supplier for your talents. The next big event will be Yaman Gensan in June (do you speak tagalog?) it’s a whole month of activites on business/entrepreneurship. It’s the DTI and City Government that organizes it.

  5. hey madam…….thank you for having such event…esp. the singing contest. we appreciate a lot…..

    sana po mabigyan pa sila ng ibang program ..

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