Natio is coming to town!

I heard from anynomouse, a visitor in this blog, that National Bookstore is opening in Gensan already. I have written about my wish for National Bookstore to be in the city in a previous post. And now I can’t believe it’s actually going to be here!

Natio, as I have always called it, is opening in Gaisano Mall this May as per a blog post I have read. Of course, I do wish that it was in KCC because I frequent KCC more than Gaisano but it’s okay anyway. I wonder how the other bookstores will fare now that National Bookstore is in town.

I do wish that they will have a lot of books though.

Since I have been busy the previous week, I did not really have time for malling. I am going to check out where they will locate it in Gaisano.

Now, I guess it’s time to renew that Laking National Card!


2 thoughts on “Natio is coming to town!

  1. I’m willing to bet that NBS if ever, there will be a branch in Gensan, willl only sell school supplies and paperbacks! There won’t be any hardbound that’s comparable to those found at Powerbooks

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