New Kids’ Playhouse at KCC

About two weeks ago, I saw this streamer of a new kids’ playplace at the 2nd level of KCC. So we went to check out where it is.

It’s right next to the travel agencies and the dental clinic. Now, if I compare it to the original Playroom nearest Worlds of Fun, this is much cleaner and orderly, well, maybe because it’s still new. I have actually have not brought my kids often to the Playroom because the toys are not as well-maintained as I would wish they would be.

This playhouse has strict policy that kids should be wearing socks and guardians should wear slippers provided by the playhouse.

They also have a sleeping area. (Not that I would want to use it for my kids.) But at least if you have a need to let your baby lie down comfortably, you have a place to go to. Might even be advisable for breastfeeding moms.

I can only wish that they would maintain their facilities and keep the place squeaky clean. The rates are not bad either. 35 pesos for 30 minutes. The place is also spacious.

So if you have kids, let them try out Kids’ Playhouse!


2 thoughts on “New Kids’ Playhouse at KCC

  1. Now ko lang nabasa tong entry mo… I already brought my 3 nieces to this place last Sunday… they opted to stay there kesa manood ng movie… they used play don sa lumang Playroom pero mas gusto nila yong bago.

    I like it there kasi it’s cleaner than the older one, mababait pa ang mga staffs. I even enjoyed playing computer games with the kids. Dati kasi iniiwan ko lang sila sa loob but when I saw the small area for the computers, I decided to join them. Even my bf played street fighter with them pero it was in japanese kaya they’ve spent some time to figure out how to play it. Yong ibang computers sira pa. Sana they’ll provide more educational and friendly games sa susunod.

    What I don’t like about this place is the limited books available. Most (if not all) of them sira at kulang ang pages.

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