Thank God for the rain!

The last few days have been excruciatingly hot! If you have an airconditioning unit, lucky you. You’re luckier if you don’t mind turning it on during the hot daytimes. For those who don’t have one, I am sure your fans are working overtime and probably on number 3.

Tonight has been great. At around 5:30pm it rained! Was it a relief! I had to stay at home today due to a headache and aching muscles which is quite surprising since I didn’t really tax my legs or anything.

So for those of you who complain when it rains, please don’t complain when it’s all sunshine-y.

I am praying for rain now because Emcor Caravan is over (selfish *wink*) and also because our farmers need it.



2 thoughts on “Thank God for the rain!

  1. After reading your blog. It seemed to me that you’re a person who knows a lot of events going on here at General Santos. By the way, my name is Nate. I am a registered Nurse and a street magician/mentalist at the same time. I just want to ask if there’s an event coming up early this May as I have no track on what’s happening here in Gensan. Anyway, I am offering my services as a mentalist/street magician for events/gatherings/corporate meetings/trade shows.

    I have been performing for quite a while and my clients are given more than what they deserve. Its hard for me to keep track on events thus it has been quite hard to widen the scope of clients that I have. THank you, hope you could help out….

    my contact number is 0921-844-2905..thanks a lot!

  2. I’m looking for a job right now, I,m a finance graduate in Manila but I would like to work in GENSAN if given an opportunity. Please help me.. My contact number is 09106236215.. Thank you..

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