Future Location of National Bookstore

As I promised, here is the future location of National Bookstore in Gaisano Mall.

It is right next to Ferretti on the first floor of the mall. When I was there last week, the store sign was up and the interior is still in progress. When I passed by a couple of days ago, the store sign was lit already.

I also noticed that they have a mezzanine floor like the store they have in Katipunan, QC. I would guess that the books would be placed there to maximize the space. And maybe Chris just might be right that it will be a school supplies store. Specially since it’s the time to buy school supplies. Oh well…

I do have some school and office supplies I find in Natio only. So ok na lang pud.

14 thoughts on “Future Location of National Bookstore

  1. malamang ang mga ibebenta doon na mga “books” ay mga tagalog romance pocketbooks, yung mga binabasa ng mga maids, sa lugar/location kasi yan ang pinaka mabenta

    if they will have many shelves with glossy, hardbound books, I would really fall off my chair with my jaws dropping to the floor in utter surprise!

  2. buti pa kayo may national bookstore na dito sa butuan city wala pa talaga, we make tiis na lang sa bookstore n gaisano mall na very lousy ang service, yong alemars matagal ng nagsara, we have to buy our books sacagayan’s national bookstor pa traveling 4 hours in bus

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