A Visit to NCCC

Have you been to the new NCCC Wholesale Supermarket?

Well, my husband and I dropped by on our way home last Friday. The place was just about to close so there were just a few customers.

The place is not a lot. From what I saw, it seems to be a temporary location. Very not alike NCCC in Davao or other wholesale supermarkets I have been to. The place looks like a warehouse with tall storage/display shelves and with cashier counters. The building’s frontage would have been ideally open but the concrete walls were not removed to give more exposure to the place. Had it not been for the sign they have. You wouldn’t know there is actually a supermarket there! Of course, the location is definitely not ideal too.

Anyway, since it’s a wholesale supermarket, you cannot go grocery shopping piece-by-piece style. It’s great for retail store owners or mini-marts. The prices are a tad cheaper than if you buy from KCC or Gaisano. The choices are not a lot either and they don’t have a frozen produce area.

Again, if you have a sari-sari store, go check it out. As for me-mommy-grocery-shopper-me, I will not be a client yet.


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