Talking about School Supplies Stores…

It’s already the time when parents start buying their kids’ school things. Some of you might have bought them already to avoid the pre-opening rush (like I did!). Most probably will be going to the stores this month or even just before school opens.

My question is: Which store do you like going to? I have top three favorites.

Last month, I bought all my kid’s things in KCC. They pretty much have it all except for the kind of art paper the school requests (glossy) and a type of paint brush. It’s also in KCC, in a mall. So if you have other things to buy aside from the school supplies, it is better to buy here. Expressions is a little bit more expensive for the same item. I do buy magazines and stationery items though.

I have also come to like Starbright because the store is clean, supplies are quite complete and the choices are great (not buki). There are even items there that you cannot find in other stores like nice specialty papers and boards, good variety of photo and sticker papers, envelopes, kids’ educational materials, nice notebooks and Pilot pen refill before the other stores followed. (I remember a few years back when I still buy my pens and post-its in Davao. LOL)

Next would be Crown on Roxas East. I like this store better than their Pioneer branch because there are items here that I find in Crown only. Recently, I bought a lot of aluminum screw binders and clear books which I found in their store only. They also have a photocopy center with the A3/colored capability. Now, I like this store than their Pioneer branch because it is more organized. The stocks are both dusty but I feel claustrophobic in their Pioneer store with the low ceiling and dark corners.

Gaisano’s and Fitmart’s school supplies stores just have lousy service staff aside from lousy items. Although, honestly, I buy things from Gaisano when I happen to be there or try it out when I am hunting for an item.

So moms, go to the stores now before the payday! And please don’t bring your kids if you can.


4 thoughts on “Talking about School Supplies Stores…

  1. Hay, maayo na lang walay pa koy mga anakis. mag-volunteer man gud ko sa human cloning project (Shhhhhh! TOP SECRET!!!) Hehehe.

  2. @ anonymouse- Cloning? Basta dili Plonng ha! in these hard times, some people would really wish they didn’t have kids who go to school.

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