Decent eating places

I had a hard time putting a title for this post and still having a hard time putting the post together. Why?Because I don’t want to sound sosyal.

Unlike most ladies, I don’t shop a lot. I don’t buy bags and clothes or shoes just because I want them. I buy only when my things need replacement.

My one vice though is eating. I spend a lot on eating out in restaurants and coffee places than in buying clothes or shoes. So one of my kaartehan in the world is that I don’t eat in eateries (turo-turo or carinderia) or food courts. Call me, maarte, konyo, sosyal.

Therefore, when I happen to be not at home for lunch, I have to eat in places I like. I have a couple of places in certain areas of the downtown area that are not pricey but are decent enough for me. Those restaurants where you can have a good meal (for me) for less than 100 pesos.

When I am in Gaisano, I eat in Spazio or Port Cafe. My favorite dish in Spazio is the Hungarian Sausage meal, at Port Cafe, breaded porkchop.

In KCC, I like I love Sushi and KFC. If I happen to be in Pioneer ave or Pendatun, I eat in Kring Macion’s Marasa Grill or any Jollibee store in the area. (Though I can only eat in Jollibee only once a week tops.)

You should also check out Sunset cafe in the EARH arcade. But they are open at 5pm so no lunch service available. I used to eat in Yolly’s when they were still located on Magsaysay Ave. Their location now is just out of the way for me.

Is there any place you know which will fit my requirements?

11 thoughts on “Decent eating places

  1. I’m scared to eat at restaurants in gensan, for one, we were served stale, stinking rice at I Love Sushi KCC, then, my friend also got Liver Abscess here in Gensan.

    So, instead of risking one’s health by dining out, we would rather stock up on canned goods and noodles and other microwavable instant meals. Then splurge and eat like a king every weekend in Manila

  2. Chris, I can assure you that a lot of restaurants here in gensan are clean and I am sure too that Manila has its share of dirty restaurants.

  3. not in the places we dine in, you can even eat right inside the toilets, at saka pwede ka manalamin sa mga utensils sa sobrang kintab at linis

    there’s truth to the saying “you pay peanuts and you get monkeys”! standard na pang monkeys ang mga restaurants dito, save for one or two which are clean

  4. Sunset cafe is really a nice might wanna try Cookies Factory..just beside’ manokan along osmeña st. is also a nice place..sarap ng food..

  5. HI jamesben03! Yup, Sunset is one of cool places to go. I’ve been to Cookie Factory but I’m not a fan. The food is ok but the service could be bad sometimes.

  6. hi cathy, i try to get some inspiration by visiting you. Wow it is great that Robinson is there. May I ask if you manage a product launching event? I am keen to launch a biowashball commonly known as laundry ball soon in Philippines.
    BTW a laundry ball is a substitute for washing powder and it is said to be environmental friendly coz of phosphate free. I wish you know more than I about this.

  7. Hi Cathy,
    How you do your laundry? I guess you use washing detergent for your washing machine. The laundry ball is a washing detergent replacement. You need not worry anymore how many cups of powder or fluid you need to put in a wash, just throw the ball inside the washing machine instead.
    This kind of washing is especially good for skin sensitive people. Ecological and economical.
    My friend put the ball into a fish tank and the fish is living happily with the ball.

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