Gensan’s Street Magician

I got an email last week from someone who I thought all along was an old man, foreigner and who happens to be a magician. Simply put, the email was to introduce himself as a street magician and mentalist since I am already officially into events management. It was Six’ Blings’ anniversary party in the coming weekend so we (the managers and I) decided to check him out before the party first.

We truly liked his David Blaine street magician tricks. Oh did I say he’s very young, very Filipino and does not look like a magician at all? You wouldn’t guess he is a magician. But once you see his card tricks and those mind-reading stunts, you will be impressed. Unfortunately, he was not able to perform onsstage during the party.

Sorry he might not be interested in children’s parties (he’s a street magician and mentalist you see). But if you have any event that needs extraordinary entertainment, you can check out Nate Marx, Gensan’s first street magician and mentalist


11 thoughts on “Gensan’s Street Magician

  1. mentalist diay sya? Asang mental hospital sya nakaikyas? Hehehe. Oist, day, open na karon ang national bookstore, soft opening lang hinuon. πŸ™‚

  2. Naku anonymouse. You should check him out. Mahilig ka ba sa magic? I’ll invite you pag may event siya ulit sa kin.

    Oh I was at Natio today bec my husband wanted to check if it’s open already and it was na nga! Hala buy na agad ng books. It was not very busy though. Glad they’re open already.

  3. Hi. I’m Kel Fabie, also a mentalist and close-up magician, albeit I do children’s parties. You can check my profile and performance videos on for further information on this.

    Having said that, I am very keen on having a collaboration performance with your very own mentalist/magician in GenSan. I come from Manila, and I’ve been trying to expand my horizons lately by looking for opportunities to perform elsewhere around the country. I can assure you nothing but top-notch quality from my performances, and if there is any way at all for us to make this collaboration possible, I would be very grateful to you.


  4. Actually, Nate and I know each other already. We’ve been speaking to each other for a while, and I’ve helped him a bit here and there in a mentorship capacity. I assure you though that he hardly needs a mentor. The guy is a prodigy, in my humble opinion. πŸ˜‰

  5. hello cathy feature mo naman ung Gensan first fire dancers oh… hehehe.. namely Kalayo dancers.. check us out on and see our difference from other fire dancers…Kalayo dancers…

  6. hi kalayo dancers! wow i didn’t know may fire dancers na dito. would be great for entertainment. where can i watch you? i have to see you perform first before i can decide if I can endorse you. i have events also so i need to get a variety of entertainers.

  7. cath ive heard of him..i aske dhim how much ang fee..inform me if nice ang mga tricks nya ha..gusto ko sana kunin for my pa in law’s 60th bday..para maiba naman..palaga ba xa nagpe perform ng magic sa streets?interested talaga ako..

  8. Hi Chic/jamesben03! Yup, okay sya. I have his number if gusto mo sya makausap. We actually “watched” him before he performed sa party ng Six’ Blings. He is not very adept yet with stage performance (or maybe nagimprove na sya) but street magic which he does table-to-table, okay na okay. His number is 09218442905.

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