Comparing KCC and Gaisano

I heard recently that Robinsons Mall is going to have its groundbreaking supposedly May 12 and that SM malls is “inquiring” about something in the city already.

Does anyone know anything about it?

If there is any truth to two malls coming up, maybe it’s time KCC and Gaisano start straightening up. I like KCC for its convenience but Gaisano needs to check out a lot of flaws.

I specially have this problem with Gaisano. The CRs are dirty and incoveniently located. It was a good thing that Spazio Cafe and Port Cafe have ok-ok toilets. The sales staff, I think, are just there to guard their items but try asking them anything out of the obvious about their products, they don’t have an idea. I guess because they dont’ get to stay in their work long enough or weren’t trained enough. Some staff are just plain rude, “dedma” or clueless about their work.

But if you compare the variety of products, Gaisano actually has better and more choices. I know because I frequent the toys’ area and home section. Gaisano will win those categories by a mile. Maybe KCC’s buyers need to flex more muscles.

Grocery? Much as Gaisano has some items KCC does not have, I will still go to KCC because of the good grocery carts and well-organized lanes. I don’t like squeaky carts with misaligned wheels.

Restaurants? Hmmm… I like both their outlets so that will be a draw for me.

Variety of stores? That will go to KCC as well.

Let me clear out though that this is not a paid advertisement of KCC. Just my humble opinion.

19 thoughts on “Comparing KCC and Gaisano

  1. I heard of Robinson or Sm i think to be established starting this year from my Dad. He said that it will take the vacant space there on the part of Dunkin Donuts in Santiago St. The HUGE vacant space there… Well That’s what I’ve heard… just sharing.

  2. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Clueless salespeople are also present at KCC, not only at Gaisano. the quality of service here in gensan is really lamentable. Di ba I told you about Emcor sales crew’s non-existent product knowledge? It is an epidemic, I tell you. When will these people learn that business is not all about profits? Haven’t they heard about value-added service (going beyond smiling at and greeting the customer)? 🙂

  3. Hi anonymouse! I agree there are clueless staff sa kcc also pero hindi kasing lala ng sa gaisano. The problem is the lack of management’s genuine concern to please their customers. Very rarely do they really care. hanggang salita lang.

  4. We are always going in kcc,but some salesgirl are not responsible in their job..And i dont like them when they are gossiping…
    In gaisano,i dont like their slow service especially in the counter…

  5. Hi Karen! yah they do gossip almost all the time! I have to say though that between who is worse, it would be gaisano. thanks for dropping by!

  6. try shopping abroad.. i say europe… shop till you knock yourself out.. then go back to gensan and do the same… in my personal experience.. its like going to the dark ages.. i can’t believe how lame and incompetent their services are.. KCC or Gaisano all the same ….fastfoods are alright though 🙂

  7. Hi, thanks for this info. When I was still there I honestly like KCC than Gaisano. Can’t wait to see kung ano na ang changes in both malls after 3 years of being away. I am excited to go home na. I will definitely go grocery shopping not sure sa KCC ba or Gaisano. Will see.


  8. d differenz btween gaisano and kcc,i think gaisano is the big not best when 8 cumz to fastfud..much wider than kcc. wen i cum ther at kcc,of curz i nid to feed my stomach der but sobrang sikip der fastfud like ur going to ukay ukay.if u finish at the counter the problem nmn is wlang table.oh my god,im hungry,its a joke fastfud,while at gaisano,mas mluwag,mas nkkabusog..

  9. Hi Leods! That’s true. maliit nga ang fastfood area ng kcc.. I have not eaten in either fastfood areas because of the crowd. i do see a lot of people eating. how do you compare the quality of the food in both fastfood areas anyway?

  10. Hi,

    Robinson’s already started their construction in an 8-hectare lot fronting socksargen hospital, just near kcc mall. SM will soon follow too at a huge lot in Santiago boulevard. Dunkin and Dover bowling will soon leave the place this August for SM..

  11. yah we expereince also here at gaisano butuan what u experience there in gensan bisaya kaayo ang service and the crs so mabaho mainit pa nagtipid sa aircon ang mngt. nagsalg sila its because wala silang competitor dito sa butuan , we heard that robinsons is landbanking here pero malabo pa magconstruct ng mall, maybe 6 yrs pa buti pa kayo claro na, we have to make tiis na lang sa gaisano mall diri they really more on profits not for quality service

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