Orange Bistro Promotions

Got these really nice pictures of Orange Bistro from Cathy Teng. Orange will still remain one of my favorite restaurants in Gensan. Why? It saved me from a little loneliness when I was new in Gensan. LOL. I missed cafes then. Until now, their menu is nothing like the restaurants. (though I feel the taste changed a bit when they moved to Lagao) My family had lunch there three weeks ago. We enjoyed the Halo-halo. It was a lot and the price was not expensive at all! Enjoy the pictures!


9 thoughts on “Orange Bistro Promotions

  1. Hi, I was googling for some nice restaurants in Gensan and came across to your blog. Nice to read some of your entry here that made me missed gensan a lot. ANyway, the reason is we will be visiting my family in Polomolok in September and I am planning ahead what to do, where to take my husband to eat while were there for our 2 weeks vacation. As much as possible I want to eat out most of the time specifically in Gensan and try some foods of best restaurants there. I hope you can recommend some nice restaurant in Gensan if you don’t mind.


  2. Hi dezz! Thanks for your comment. There are a couple of good restaurants here in gensan now. though if it’s two weeks’ wroth of eating out you just might have to repeat some of them. hehe. I recommend Orange Bistro, Sarangani Highlands, Six’ Blings, Grab a Crab, Theresa’s Cafe. On the more rustic side, try Nadie’s and the barbeque places in Lagao. Enjoy!

  3. Wow! that’s sounds great. Thanks so much I will note all of this. Crab is one of the seafoods I am craving for gessh I can’t wait to go home. I hope you don’t mind telling me all the locations of those restaurants. So when we get there we just have to find them-:) I am super excited about eating to any new or good restaurants in Gensan. I am really searching ahead for this because my hubby wants to try some more delicious foods and Filipino delicacies. I appreciate your response. thanks so much!


  4. Hi dezz! I have written about most of them in this blog so you can go back to the older posts. Grab a crab is on Laurel, Orange is in Lagao, Sarangani Highlands is in Tambler, Six’ Blings is in the Bigshot Compound, National Highway, Theresa’s is on Osmena near Fitmart.

  5. Hi Cathy, I’m coming home this Saturday…thanks to the cheap cebupac airfare =)… parang tagaytay na lang ang gensan… kaya lang, I only have 4 days to spend there… last December we went Ranchero, Grab a Crab, Isla Parilla and Sarangani Highlands… this time… i want to try the other restos naman…we might go Orange Bistro, Six’ Blings and Therasa’s. Thanks for the useful info your sharing in this site!
    s’ya nga pala… meron daw seafood restaurant sa marbel which is serving super sarap na crabs… have you heard about it? can’t remember it’s name eh…

  6. Hi em_d_crazy_cat! You’re welcome! That seafood place in marbel is arpoochi/arpuhi. It’s located sa tennis court. I hve tried their crabs, adobong pusit and prawns. The taste is great but the place is not so ideal. Mainit, malangaw, not fancy for what they offer. Although the food is great. The price is not affordable. well, you’re eating crabs and seafoods LOL

  7. hello cathy ..


    orange bistro looks like the FORT in taguig, THE NBC TENT.
    l really like your concept



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