Jill’s Specialty Shop

Check out the newly-opened Jill’s Specialty Shop located in the STI Building, J. Catolico. It’s a boutique selling high-quality clothes, shoes, perfume, accessories and kids’ clothes AT VERY GOOD PRICES! I checked it out last week and the choices are to my approval. The ladies’ clothes are elegant, the design I like actually, the fabrics used are not ordinary and the prices, it’s not expensive.

Too bad the shop is small because I would really love to see more choices. The staff manning the shop are very courteous and they do know how to sell. Not makulit and not lazy to attend to you either.

So if you’re looking for another place to buy your kikay stuff from, go visit Jill’s Specialty Shop now!


7 thoughts on “Jill’s Specialty Shop

  1. Wow! by reading ur blog I have some ideas where to go when I go visit in September. Thanks talaga I bumped into your page.


  2. Hey dezz! I am sure you will be surprised at how things have progressed. I know that even if i’ve been living here for 5 years pa lang.

  3. hi mommy cathy..thanks for posting this blog about jill’s especialty shop..the owner is a friend..and thyre having sale now..by d way my son gabriel and camille are classmates..hope to see u soon sa school..

  4. Hi Chic! Oo nga nadaanan ko the other week ata yun. Di pa ko nakapunta! Grrr… The last timie pumunta ako was last year pa e pregnant ako so wala ako nabili. Friend mo pala si Jill? Gusto ko rin syang maging friend. hehe! I haevn’t been to wizard for a while, yeah. Hey thanks for reading this blog. See you soon!

  5. yeah havent seen u nga sa school..wer asking camille about her baby bro..actually yung sis ni jill close friend ko..jill ong-yap is also the owner of Bayo in kcc mall..sale ngaun ang jill’s..dami sila new items..

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