Booking for Gensan hotels online

Searching and booking for hotels located here in Gensan was hard in previous years. It is only in recent years when major hotels decided to finally get their own websites. Even travel websites do not have any hotel for Gensan unlike Manila hotels.

Not surprising, though, because, in the first place, and no offense meant to the Generals and local tourism offices, Gensan was not and still is not a tourist destination like say, London Hotels. These has changed, though, and now, if you search for gensan hotels, there are a lot of entries already for hotels in General Santos.

There are several problems though. One, the travel websites do not actually have contracted rates with the hotels in gensan. Meaning, either their rates are not right for the hotel they are selling or, if you do book, the chance that the booking will progress is far-fetched. Second, the hotel’s own websites do not rank well in search engines. I honestly think that that should be a consideration when putting up your own website. They do have websites but are miles away from the first page to be of any value. Three, even hotels’ email addresses used for reservations or indicated in their websites are not monitored on a daily basis for inquiries. The possibility of a booking being lost because of lack of diligence in checking mails is very high. Sometimes, you don’t get a reply at all! I know because I have tried sending inquiries to their email addresses. If you ever try searching and booking for say, Bangkok hotels, you will know the difference! It is also another issue altogether that hotel rates for gensan hotels are not as travel agent-friendly as you’d wish them to be.

Bottomline is hotels have to decide whether they want bookings or not. They have to realize now that they cannot depend for local bookings entirely and that there are potential sources of bookings if only they will open their eyes.

4 thoughts on “Booking for Gensan hotels online

  1. Hi Cathy – I have been pushing hotels in GenSan for nearly a decade now to get online and to take reservations online. Sadly, they act like they have no interest in even trying. Meanwhile, I get dozens of e-mail inquiries through my website, wanting to book a room in GenSan. Currently, all I can do is tell the people that I cannot help them, because the hotels in GenSan simply don’t care to get reservations this way. It’s really a sad situation.

  2. Hi Bob! That’s true. It’s one of the reasons I joined the city’s tourism association and chamber of commerce. Hopefully it will be easier to get to them by working with them in the same organization. It’s totally different from what I have learned in my previous job.

  3. how about those other well established hotels in GenSan? you mean they aren’t online yet? how sad is that.. i’m under the impression that they already are… i know East Asia is accepting bookings online…

  4. Hi Mik! Yes most of the major hotels here have websites. So if that is like a first step to being online, the answer is yes. But really conducting business online i think is totally different. As I said, they don’t take it seriously or haven’t realized the value and power of internet marketing.

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