A Visit to Gen. Paulino Santos Museum

I have mentioned in a previous blog how some Generals haven’t even been tourists or visitors to Gensan’s, or Socsksaregen’s, tourist destination. So on this blog, I am going to give you a glimpse of Gen. Paulino Santos Museum located in NDDU. From what I’ve read, the items from Gen. Santos’ life were turned over to the museum in February 2007.

The museum is organized in a way that you see the majority of the place upon entering. There is a P 5 entrance fee or donation to see the museum. (Please give more if you can!) It is small for all the other possible things it can contain. Majority of the display are of Gen. Santos’ life. Most of artifacts from the General’s personal things are still in good shape. It was fascinating to look at his wardrobe, his tailor’s patterns for his clothes and documents.

There are also a few artifacts of South Cotabato and from Manny Pacquiao.

The coin collection of Bro. Lubrico was also on display.

I am not blown away from what I saw BUT for me, it is a good start anyway. There was not a lot to see and there could be more people visiting the museum. So please do try and visit the museum. The money from your visit, I am sure, can help the museum management.


20 thoughts on “A Visit to Gen. Paulino Santos Museum

  1. probably most people from gensan do not know much about the good General Paulino Santos…
    visiting the museum is a good start in tracing our city’s history…
    cheers!!! 🙂

  2. Most people, even the students of NDDU just doesn’t care. I’m from that school, and I can really say that it doesn’t matter. They’re more preoccupied with other things. Yeah, I guess it’s a good start but people just doesn’t care.

  3. Mayroon po akong single musical manuscript kung saan ito ay piano sonata. Kung inyo pong mamarapatin, maaari ko po ba ito dalhin diyan para idisplay or else? At mayroon din po itong kasamang mapa na rare ito matagpuan. Maaari po kayong magpadala ng mensahe sa aking E-MAIL ADD.

  4. Hi MONJAHED BANSALAO! Wow mukhang interesting ang items mo. Please bring them to Notre Dame of Dadiangas University. Ask na lang sino curator or manager ng museum. They’ll be best persons to answer your questions.

  5. The museum houses a unique treasure for Philippine history: the diaries of General Santos. I sure hope that anyone interested in Philippine history will get access to these diaries and the other documents. and if one wants to study the NLSA, the development of south Cotabato, these documents cannot be overlooked. They are PRICELESS. And, read Karl Pelzer; Pioneer Settlements in Tropical Asia. An absolute “must’ for local history of South Cotabato.
    I hope the museum will go into publishing and research.

  6. Hi Br. Meuten! Thanks for dropping by. I wish i could have your enthusiasm for this city’s history. The museum is not a popular destination and a lot of Generals have not been there. I think that should be tourism project.

  7. Greetings!
    I came to know from my late father that Gen. Paulino Santos is my grandfather’s cousin who is also an Ilocano. I have an uncle named after him, a retired teacher in Padada and I have a cousin who looked like him.We were informed his family is still residing in Gen. Santos City.Hi!…I’m in Tagum City and an active media practitioner.Some people here know me.My family owns the C.S. Santos Subdivision in Apokon.We also have some relatives in Kabacan.

    I’m Ann Gie

  8. Hi Ann Gie! Wow you have a great lineage. you should come to gensan esp during kalilangan festival when we give tribute to the original settlers. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. gen paulino santos is one of those tragic figures in phil. military history. he was a medal of valor awardee of the old phil. constabulary in the first moro wars. apparently he was forced to cooperate with the japanese imperial forces during the dark days of the occupation.thus filipino guerillas were hot on his trail for being a collaborator. he disappeared (excecuted?) in the mountains of cagayan as he was fleeing together with the japanese troops as american forces swept through the archipelago to fulfill gen. macarthur’s pledge of ” i shall return”.
    was he a collaborator? how did he die? by a japanese sword or a bullet of retribution from a filipino guerilla? or did he die of dysentery as reported by some? we may never know. an avid phil.military historian is a must to write a biography of this tragic general. the diaries will help get into the mind of the general. any alumni from NDDU may pick up this challenge.

  10. by the way. i am an avid military medal collector. i have a copy/replica of gen paulino santos’ old philippine constabulary medals – from the old phil. constabulary (phil. insular period) medal of valor, distingushed service star, and long service medal. i will post a picture of these medals one of these days

  11. It was truly worth remembering every single items keep for the every citizen of gensan who tuly give and sacrifice for the sake of human race in gensan. he truly deserve to be filipino hero in the history of philippine literature.

  12. i never really cared about gensan. visited it twice but nothing really. until i discovered that gen paulino santos was related to me. i reside in laguna and met my uncle a certain dr. tony santos, a professor. he informed me that my grrandmother and gen paulino santos were 1st cousins. i never had the chance to meet my cousins in camiling nor met my relatives in gensan. am now looking forward to seeing them…..

  13. I grown-up in South Cotabato during mid of 50`s, in Banga and Surallah where my parents one among early seetlers. As a young boy those early years , i do remembered Dadiangas was a very small village comparing Today name General Santos City or Gensan. I am now based and residing in Europe (Switzerland). As a Filipino Artist-Painter lives in Europe, it inspired me knowing more about Gen. Paulino Santos Life and portraits them into my Obras. I need to research in your Museum when i get back to the Gen. Santos oneday. Respectfully yours, NORLANDO POBRE, npobre.artdesign@gmx.ch

  14. Gen. Paulino Santos paved the brightest way to the opening of the development of Mindanao. He was a soldier, a farmer, a brilliant planner, a communicator, honest
    and sincere in helping the people either Muslim or Christian, the mind behind DAPECOL, banana plantation, abaca plantation, more and more about him.He is a cousin of my grandfather and I knew from my relatives how good a person he was.

  15. For the information of our readers, there is a plan to provide a corner at the Panabo City Museum intended for Gen. Paulino Santos. He opened up the jungles of Davao, provided
    DAPECOL a place, opened farms and invited workers from Luzon to till the land, in one
    word – Gen. Santos was a brilliant PLANNER

  16. ung mga unang settlers ba binigyan nyo ng pag kilala.bakit ung pamilya ng lolo ko wla naman.first batch cla..may pangalan pa nga sa unang plaza..my lolo’s. Donato teodoro Bernardo.sr..be fair naman kyo..

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