Reusing Plastic Bags

I watched a TV show last week where they featured a town where market and grocery shoppers were encouraged to use baskets and bring their own plastic bags. The stores are actually giving a discount off those who would bring their own bags!

I honestly wish that the same could be implemented here in Gensan too. I would say that most of us would go grocery shopping around once a week or every other week. For an average family, you probably buy two or three bags’ worth of items at a time. Add to that the other plastic bags you accumulate from bakeshops, drugstores, school supplies store and department stores. That’s a whole lot of plastic bags! At home, we do get to use the plastic bags for the trash but that’s using a bag for about two days. We actually have a big plastic bag full of plastic bags.

When we go to the market, we bring our own plastic bags so that we don’t have to buy bags in the market anymore. Besides, grocery bags are a lot better in carrying the weight of vegetables than the thin bags they sell in the market.

Going back to my wish, I do wish that supermarkets would encourage shoppers to bring their own bags. I don’t mind not being given some centavos off. Besides the stores would be saving on costs for new plastic bags, we will be doing our battered environment a favor.


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