Veranda Cafe

Veranda Cafe on Tandem Center, National highway, is one of the newest restaurants in the city (I think they opened last year). I have been there twice but it was only on my second visit that I got to see their rooftop.

I honestly liked the place and sad that they didn’t really get a lot of guests that night. I do plan to go back there another time at around 4 or 5pm to catch the sunset. It is probably the only place you canget a good view of the sunset in the downtown area.

Here’s a photo of the cafe’s interior dining area.

On the two visits I have had, there were not a lot of guests. Too bad. The menu is neither astounding nor too simple. They coffee blends, pasta and all the assortment of dishes but nothing that differentiates them from other restaurants.

I cannot say a lot about the food because I have only tried an order of cold cafe mocha and cheese sticks. The cheese sticks were good but the dip dould have been different. The cafe mocha was sadly served in a lousy takeout cup that drips from the lid. The taste was good though.

On the question of will I be going back, yes, I will because I do want to try out their food and to catch the sunset again.

12 thoughts on “Veranda Cafe

  1. Hi! I’m baaaaack! Lack of clientele could be because of the long hard climb to the top? Wala kasing excalator/elevator? Gensan sunsets are not that spectacular (unless Mt. Matutum or Parker blows its top in the future) to be worth the stair climbing. 🙂

  2. HI anynomouse! Good to hear from you again. Hmm… I agree the climb could be hard (lalo na i’m pregnant) but i still like the view. different i would say.

  3. Hi Cathy! so ur preggy. whats the proper greeting ba? Congrats? Best wishes? More pregnancies to come?
    nagpa ultra sound ka na? he, she or it? hehehehe.

  4. hehe i want to say it in tagbis but i think its not appropriate here. I always pass by that place especially when there is no more jeep, i did not see what is inside not until now that i see it hehe on the picture.
    i hope someday i can go there bcoz right now i dont have money hehe i only had 20 pesos for a ride….
    by the way nice site…!!!

  5. Hi Hermitanyo! Thanks for visiting the site. If you have 50 pesos you can order a drink or coffee na sa veranda and you can enjoy the place.

  6. hot spot ngayon ang verandas. lalo na pag fridays and saturdays. wala naman kasing ibang mapuntahan dito sa gensan. ang babes naman, parang lahat ng tao magkakakilala na dun.

  7. Hi majds! Yup okay ang crowd sa veranda. Have you tried sa san mig sports bar ng six’ blings? Disente rin ang mga pumupunta don and sports naman ang theme.

  8. may i know who is the manager of verandas cafe in gensan? because my son work there and he want to ask a certification from your cafe. he need it in his work outside our country. He is Danilo S. Caminero Jr. please can we get the certification or i will be the one to make it and let the manager or incharge person to sign. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Marieve. This blog nor the writer is not in any way employed or connected with Veranda management. Please get in touch with Veranda or their manger directly. We just wrote an article for them years ago. Thanks.

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