Why are flights and hotels in Gensan expensive?

Being active in the tourism industry in Gensan, hotels have been asked why there are not a lot of cheap hotels in Gensan. Well, there are cheap-cheap inns but what I think the question was referring to are decent hotels that don’t charge say more than 1,000 pesos.

Until Cebu Pacific came in, the airline ticket for Gensan to Manila and vice-versa was horrendous! It was about 10,000 for a round-trip ticket. It was more expensive than a round-trip ticket to Hongkong! But, lo and behold, when another airline came in, ticket prices were reduced substantially that it was almost a third of the previous rates. Well, I don’t blame Philippine Airlines for charging that much. It was the only airline who cared enough to put a flight to Gensan. If you come to think about it, we should even be thankful for the lone flight. But it was still expensive then. A lot of people were saying, we were fooled for a long time. *smile*

Now, the hunt for cheap tickets is not really hard. If you want the low fares, get on the not-so-busy days. But compared to other cities, our ticket prices are still a notch more expensive. As to the reason why, my theory is that its the frequency of the flight and the load factor. Since Gensan’s load factor says it can only sustain one flight per airline, then they just put one flight. If you only have one flight, it’s like a precious thing that the airline companies can charge what they want.

As to the hotels, it’s because a lot of the things that we need for the hotels are not made in the city and have yet to be bought from other cities like cleaning materials and linen. The hotel-booking market in Gensan also does not really provide the volume that can make hotel owners lower their rates. Therefore, it is a must to cook up some touristic activity in the city. Otherwise, things will pretty much stay as they currently are.


42 thoughts on “Why are flights and hotels in Gensan expensive?

  1. In this rare occasion, I agree with you on the airline issue. Since, PAL used to monopolize the GES to MNLA route, they can charge high fare rates, now that Cebu Pacific is also serving that route, PAL has no choice but to match Cebu Pacific’s low fares.

    On the hotels issue, East Asia Royale and Sydney are cheap compared to similar hotels elsewhere

  2. the local tourism office is neglecting its job. u can’t even find a decent road map of gensan. 😦 maybe the tourism officer here is busy promoting something else and not the city itself, eh?

  3. that’s true, there isn’t enough tourism promotion in gensan and the region in general. there are so many beautiful places but nobody seems to care. just look at our airport, it is the epitome of “disorganized chaos”! (if there exists suc a term) some PNP personnel act as porters, literally begging for petty tips from rich passengers, it’s a blatant disgrace to their uniform! some ATO personnel naman act as barkers and dispatchers for Colurom vehicles! kanya kanyang raket! some ATO, PNP and Airline passengers often escort people without passing through the usual inspections and metal detectors, (for a fee? maybe…)

    the airport is neglected and everybody is free to engage in any form of hanky panky! no wonder FAA downgraded our rating!

  4. Hi Chris! I didn’t know about the ATO and PNP personnel making raket ha. Unbelievable! Yup, I agree, the airport needs a major renovation. For an airport that services the whole region, it could be better actually. you know, one of the tenants, Family Country Hotel, already volunteered to pay for renovation of the toilets kaso di daw pwede galawin ang airport without any permission from ATO head office. hayy…

  5. the airport is such a disgrace indeed. everybody seems on the lookout for a quick buck from porters to taxi drivers. Saan ka nakakita ng airport na bawal gumamit ng cart kung di ka magha-hire ng porter? Taxis na di pwedeng metro ang bayad? these are enough to scare first timers coming here. Wag na natin pag-usapan ang pamamalakad sa wharf, tumataas lalo ang “high blood” ko.

  6. Hi anynomouse- wow, that’s a good point. I will bring that up in the next tourism meeting. it’s indeed a turnoff already for first-time visitors.

  7. i had the same experience with anyomouse… nakakairita lang kasi na minsan i saw a free cart sa isang tabi… after ko maipatong yong mga gamit ko… tsaka may lumapit na porter at sinabing sa kanya daw yong cart and that i have to hire him… since kaya ko namang buhatin yong mga bags ko… i decided to unload them na lang… lumapit din ako sa isang airport police to complain that porter who claimed that he owned the cart…sinabi lang ng police na tama daw at sa porter nga yong cart… totoo ba talaga yon?

  8. Hi em_d_crazy_cat! Yes, that’s true. The reason for that is our local airport or ATO does not provide free carts so somebody had to be hired to do that for them. syempre negosyo sya di ba so the carts are not free bec there are porters who “own” the cart.

  9. My first trip to Gensan was of double expectations, there was that good and the other the irony. I agree about the costly hotel charges, imagine a no star hotel charging P1000+ per day, good if the building is newly built, what makes it more unpleasant is the smell of old furnitures and the building itself.
    Yet another (say 2 star hotel) that charges you the rate of 2 star hotel in major cities, and the worst case only a few hotel operates around the city. The other side of the story was of course the beautiful beach resorts that opens 24 hours a day. with all these setbacks, Gensan still is a place to visit over and over again.

  10. Hi Jungles! Yup, that’s true. I can make a long narrative on why they still charge so much even if the place is not so new. Bottomline, expenses. Great that you like the beach resorts although I am personally taking them off my list of destinations to go to bec of the videoke and other things. LOL. Thanks for dropping by.

  11. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for the reply, Though my general view of the beach is quite acceptable, needless to say the sound pollution is too much to handle (videoke almost everywhere) hope they will remove that sort of nuisance someday. One more thing is the garbage system disposal, hope they will provide relevant cover to all those bins to get rid of those “bangaws”. Something has to done with their comfort rooms as well, it’s too substandard.
    To the hotel operators-why not advertise you amenities in the internet for costumers convenience.

  12. still on this topic, has anyone flown on PAL Express Gensan to Cebu? the fare is Php 4, 853.00 hahaha ridiculously high

  13. Yes, Davao to Cebu is just around 1,700, kalahati lang, but you have to take the land trip to Davao. That’s the effect of MONOLPOLY! PAL Express will be forced to bring their fares down once Cebu Pacific serves that route this year

  14. I just checked for September and the round trip to GenSan-Manila is closer to 6,000php. By Australian cost standards thats ok. One thing that really worries me is that Phils as a whole seems to be chasing and accepting just about any form of ‘investment’ and one area that is certain to create tears is the clash of mining vs eco-tourism….they just do not mix. With the introduction of the inet, Phils is set to explode with tourism….what a shame if they only visit once.

  15. from anonymous…
    the airport is such a disgrace indeed. everybody seems on the lookout for a quick buck from porters to taxi drivers. Saan ka nakakita ng airport na bawal gumamit ng cart kung di ka magha-hire ng porter? Taxis na di pwedeng metro ang bayad? these are enough to scare first timers coming here. Wag na natin pag-usapan ang pamamalakad sa wharf, tumataas lalo ang “high blood” ko.

    I totally agree with this! complete and utter! the airport and the seaport of gensan ay talagang nakakahigh-blood sa dami ng nakakafrustrate na inconsistencies! kaya most of the time i prefer to take davao flights.
    i’ve been away in gensan for quite sometime to study and work in other cities here in our corrupt country but i just can’t believe that our MAYOR hasn’t done much to improve the city as a whole! siguro cathy talakayin nyo na rin ang pagpapaalis sa MAYOR na yan! Coz these things happen because of pure negligence of our city officials! You look around gensan and you will see a lot of things that need improvement. Hindi ba naglilibot si MAYOR? Or maybe he only does that during campaign time!

  16. HI true-blooded local! Hmm… that is a fiery comment. I have to admit that the current city government’s performance could be better. There are just some things that could be corrected right now like traffic policies pero di napapatupad ng tama. I know some city government officials get to read this blog so I hope they can address our concerns. Thanks for dropping by!

  17. Galing ! that’s why i love gensan very much dahil sa nabasa ko dito sa blog .hehehe ..anyway Lahat po kayo tama nakakahighblood ang lahat ng issues bout Gensan kasi si darlyn always in manila addressing philippines problem not in gensan.natatandaan nyo po ba ang bridge near in solidad highway ?! damn ang tagal natapos as far as i remembered umabot ng 2 elections period.

  18. HI anton! you can check out samantha’s apartelle in purok malakas (0833019128) although it’s not really in the downtown area. or you can also try jovinaj inn 0835538778.

  19. hi, i’ll be in gensan by end of november, this will be my first visit so i really need some advise as follow,

    1. guess i can’t get away with the “airport racket” mentioned in the previous post, so i just wana know what’s the reasonable “unmetered” taxi fare from the airport to city hall?

    2. i’m really having a hard time choosing the accomodation that would suit me, coz not many hotels/inns have websites. im having a hard time “visualizing the place”. unlike in cebu, even small apartelles have their own websites, highlighting their facilities thru photos.

    so far, i’ve seen dolores hotel and dolores anchor hotel via web, would u recommend these hotels for first timers? is it near the gimik places?

    3. where do u go for gimiks? any decent bars or ihaw ihaw restos u can recommend? where’s the best place to have prawns? (ala dampa in manila or sutukil in cebu?). is catolico ave. the commercial area of gensan?

    4. would u recommend london beach or dolores resort for a quick dip (whole day swim)? don’t think its ok to stay overnite coz of the loud videoke mentioned in the previous posts. are there taxis/buses that constantly travel between the city proper and tambler?

    i’m really excited going to gensan, would really appreciate getting inputs from someone who lives there.


  20. HI ace!

    taxi fare= P 350 airport to downtown/city hall (if you stay in any of the hotels i will list below, free na)

    Hotels- I can only recommend east asia royale hotel, family country hotel and sydney hotel. their websites: http://www.eastasiaroyalehotel.com, http://www.familycountryhotel.com and http://www.safihotels.com. They are actually the three most expensive but their locations are most convenient. if you are looking for cheaper hotels, they don’t have websites (as far as i know) so baka mahirapan kang magdecide.

    restos/gimik- there’s veranda cafe, six’ blings, babes bar, ranchero grill, good places for prawns would be sydney hotel’s rooftop grill, barbeque places are in lagao (yummy!). there are dampa like places but not like the one in paranaque. kalat-kalat actually ang mga locations and I personally go there very rarely. j-catolico would be one of the busy streets since the two biggest malls are there but there are other commercial areas other than j.catolico.

    london beach or any resort in that area are good for a couple hours’ swim. if you do go there, magcab ka na lang kasi baka mawala ka if you take the jeep unless you have a guide.

    hope those could help!

  21. hi cathy,

    I found ur blogs more and more interesting and exciting. Now that PAL also offers cheap flights like cebupacificair and I found out their fares were competitive. Not long ago I had booked for a couple the round trip from TAC-MNL-TAC at PHP 4000+.
    I m sure I can get cheaper airfare when I travel to Gensan next year. But I don’t know if I can stay at anyone of the three hotels mentioned by you for a cheaper rate 🙂

  22. hi cathy,

    I hv checked out the rate of the three hotel and all of them are affordable. As the hotels allow to have four persons to share then I can invite my friends in Polomolok to join me 🙂

  23. HI kongleong! Thanks for the compliment. You got a good deal out of that airline ticket I would say. Cebu pacific has promo sale periods so if you can buy during those sale periods, it’s really going to be so much cheaper. As for the hotels, I don’t like asking for discounts from my client hotels even if I can 🙂 just let me know if you’re in need of a room already maybe they can give you a discounted rate. But no promises.

  24. hi cathy, thank you for the offer.for your info the air tickets I bought were from PAL. I used to patron Cebu pacific but this time I shifted to PAL. Time has changed, those big guys in airline are starting to offer promotional rate for both the international and domestic flights. Recently I just missed one booking from MAS, the flagship airline of Malaysia for the round trip from Kuala Lumpur to Manila. The airfare was RM380 (5200php) which was slightly cheaper than the low cost carrier AirAsia which flies from Kuala Lumpur to Clark.

  25. Hi guys and girls,

    Thanks for the banter on GS.

    I am in the process of booking to come down and hang out for a few days with friends before heading back up to North Philo’s.. So the info here is great..

    The best I have seen on the net so far.. It is amazing what a few hours reading on the net can do for your prospective of a place.. Now I am really looking forward to seeing your area..

    As a well travelled person.. and have lived in many countries and surfed many islands, continents around the world I still get a buzz out of going to somewhere new..

    Humm.. the talk of the food.. makes my mouth water..

    Thanks for the great blog!!!
    Well done..

  26. i got the chance to see this blog when a friend asked me to see for myself that the hotel rates in gensan are way higher than they expect (while browsing thru the net)— being a 10++ year resident in gensan, i disagreed. BUT true indeed, the other inns (which services and amenities are comparable to hotels) aren’t advertised …tsk tsk…when i go back, i’d go around the city and get the numbers of those inns and provide it here or someplace else for my friends and other visitors aheheheehe…and ahhhm, my husband visited me in manila last february for 2k only (roundtrip GSC-MLA-GSC) – ain’t that amazing!??!

  27. Hi Alfie! Thanks for dropping by. Yup, a 2thou roundtrip ticket is available for gensan now even less! Our hotels still have yet a lot to learn.

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