Business permit and everything

Okay, so last May, I finally decided to get a business permit for my events organizing and marketing consultancy business, Chimes Concepts. I figured if I want to cater to corporate accounts, who would need an official receipt, I would have to go get a business permit. It all started with the business name registration. Dealng with DTI would be the easy part. My business name was registrered in no time, though, I didn’t get to attend an orientation because it was unavailable. DTI said the semnar room was being renovated or something.

The business permit all started with CEMCDO, then barangay clearance then off you go to city hall for all the pitstops. I think the whole process was made difficult with going to and from the different departments. Some are just in the compound. Some are way out of the area like City Health Office. There was always a couple minutes of interrogation when they see my line or nature of business. Hmm… they haven’t seem to have heard about event management. Really? Yup, really.

The BIR part was tedious because it required birth certificates and marriage certificates in my case being a sole proprietor. I had to go to NSO for all the certificates which was not pretty. The place was stuffy, the waiting is tiring. BIR also is not as business-friendly or applicant-friendly unlike business permit. You see, the business permit had a guide or list of things to do, in proper order, to get to the finish line. BIR had a list but it was not a guide. Parang application pa lang, pinahihirapan ka na. Paano na lang sa filing ng returns? If you look stupid, they might make it hard for you. (So I try not to look stupid.)

So bottomline, if you want to get a business permit, go get it in January where they have a one-stop shop in the oval plaza. I am sure it will be much, much easier. Please also come prepared with cedula, change, multiple copies of your documents and all the other things they require.


11 thoughts on “Business permit and everything

  1. hello cathy, cant help but ask.. do you have any info on Rustan’s Coffee Corporation? tried to find them on the net and can’t find any relevant information regarding my queries. I reckon they are the one holding the license to franchise “starbucks”. are they?

  2. thanks for the link cathy, sadly they are not for franchise or sub-franchise, i might as well try my luck being a retailer through Rustans assuming they have rights to develop and operate. Davao already have one, i presume Gensan hasn’t been taken yet.

  3. hehe, what a coincedence maam Cathy, we are making our f.s. and we need a jam about permit, im lucky to have one information you had posted.
    (hehe sorry sa grammar ha pati sa spelling)

  4. Hello Ms. Cathy. I read about your comments regarding the coffee places found in Gensan and can’t help but ask if yout think that putting up another one just right in front of oval plaza is a good choice. What do you think? I’d really like to get your idea on this, I value opinion very much.

  5. Hi Hyelin! Another coffee shop might not be a good idea kasi kabubukas lang ng coffee club and though they get busy, it’s not really busy-busy. You can open one for as long as you will offer something that is not offered yet in other coffee places and you will have a really nice place.

  6. hi cathy, at the moment of this writing i m not sure if u hv replied my query about business registration. Wow apparently foreigners will find it tougher to go through the process. That also tell why foreigners are keen on investing in property market where 100% foreign ownership is allowed.

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