Figueroa Highlands in Marbel

Happy first day of July to you!

Last weekend, my family went to Marbel to accompany our mommy. She attended Dr. Gary Sy’s seminar in Notre Dame of Marbel University. So while, waiting for her, we had coffee in a coffee shop in Fitmart (well, I would have wanted McGregor but the cafe had a play area right beside it so it was ideal for the kids). After a couple of hours sitting there, we trooped to Alunan. My husband decided to check out Figueroa Highlands.

I told him about it a couple of months ago since it was similar to Sarangani Highlands‘ name. I am glad we made the trip.

Photos by Milper Bolodo.

First of all, let me say that I cannot help comparing with Sarangani Highlands, it being my baby. I think it’s because they had to name it highlands as well. Well, the highlands is right for them too since it was on a hillside.

Right now, Figueroa Highlands is on a hillside just a couple of meters from Alunan Avenue in Koronadal. It has a wide parking area and a covered space for about 25 people.

The view is great. It reminds me of Baguio City. It must be a sight at night. It is functioning as a restaurant right now and maybe, function venue. Their menu is not a spectacle. It had the usual barbecue and beverages but nothing different. The garden is landscaped and very neat. According to the staff, they opened in January this year and that they get a lot of guests for dinner.

So that’s another discovery for us. If you’re in Marbel, you should go see it. For my family, it was another happy mini-road trip.


7 thoughts on “Figueroa Highlands in Marbel

  1. Hi Cathy! I just got back from gensan last night. We went to marbel last Saturday but it was raining so hard. We were supposed to have dinner in a seafood restaurant at the back of the sports complex (can’t remember its name). My bf learned from a friend that they are serving delicious crabs… but unfortunately after driving for an hour from gensan we were not able to find it. Good thing that I remembered your blog about Figueroa Highlands. We gave it a try since we are in marbel na nga…and just like what you’ve mentioned above… their menu is very simple… simpler than i expected…we were a bit disappointed. But in spite of their so-so foods, babalik pa rin naman kami for their super sarap Durian shake. If you love the fruit, I promise that you will go gaga over their shake too.

    Sana someday they’ll expand their menu just like in Sarangani highlands para naman di na lang shake ang babalikan namin. =)

  2. Hi em_d_crazy_cat! Sayang you did not get to try arpoochi (that’s the name of the seafood resto). Did you not read my reply about it? anyway, figueroa highlands is okay naman in terms of view. yup, the menu is soooo simple.

  3. Hi Cath! Sayang nga I haven’t read your reply about it… di ko na nga mahanap kung saang thread yon… hehehe. can you point me to that topic? I was not able to check it nga before i left for gensan last friday pero ok lang as i’m going home this coming october for my mom’s 50th bday. i’ll make sure to try it na.

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