Motorcycles in the city

I have to be honest that I don’t like motorcycles. I’m referring to the single motorcycles. Most of the drivers of these motorcycles don’t know how to drive!

Yes, they are trying to save money on fuel or want a convenient mode of transportation. However, some of them just don’t know how to drive! (did I say that twice?)

Every day that we travel, there are probably rare occasions when we don’t get upset by lousy driving. Motorcycles suddenly pop ou from the sides or overtake on the wrong side or lane or just plain confused driving.

Some don’t wear helmets. Some don’t turn on their headlights even when traffic regulations tell them to. One of the other things I hate is when little children ride with the drivers totally unprotected from the dangers of the road. Have you seen those little kids hug the driver so tight for their dear life?

If you have a motorcycle, I hope you are not one of those defenseless and uninformed drivers we meet on the road.


7 thoughts on “Motorcycles in the city

  1. yeah right… i’m driving a motorcycle but i’m not one of those you were talking about. i too hate reckless drivers. whether they’re driving motorcycles or any kind of vehicles. especially girls i hate it when they drive because they are just natural idiots.. lousy drivers.

  2. HI Mik3! it’s good to hear you are not a reckless motorcycle driver. However, I have to say that not all girls or ladies are lousy drivers in the same manner that I am saying that not all motorcycle drivers are lousy drivers.

  3. haha… kasi pag may nakikita akong sasakyan na parang hindi mo maintindihan kung saan patungo sasabihin ko sa sarili ko, “ah eto, babae driver nito”, tapos titingnan ko yung nagmamaneho sabay sabing, “babae nga!”.

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