Any tour operator in the city?

There are a couple of travel agents in the city, yes. Those that can service you when you need advance or last minute flights, each one trying to sell you cheap flights or airline tickets.

But is there anybody planning to put up a tour operator company and not just a travel agency? Tour operators are those that sell, arrange and operate tours for a certain area or even other areas they have tours for. For Gensan, there might not be a lot of choices for tours but the neighboring provinces South Cotabato and Sarangani have tour options aplenty. I have seen a tour operator recently set up in Sarangani. Wow, that’s great for them and I hope it works out well. How about Gensan?

I think that Gensan has a bigger potential for tour operating because this is the jump-off point for the said provinces and where major communication, banking and business offices are located. It will be a great boost for hotels, restaurants and tourism-related companies if the tour operating business does well. Hotels cannot rely entirely on group bookings and last minute accommodation bookings, which are what makes up most hotel bookings because right now, they do not suffice.

So if you are in the look out for a new business, tour operating might be an option for you!


2 thoughts on “Any tour operator in the city?

  1. Yeah, I do, I do second the motion. Any tour operator around? Once in a while we have foreign or non-Mindanaoan guests who come, and, being caught between work deadlines and family concerns, we cannot help but wish there were tour operators who could save the day.

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