Six’ Blings’ Kadabarkadaten

Check out this new promotion from Six’ Blings Ostrich Resto and The Haws of Lechon n Mang Thomas. If you ask me, it’s a good package for small family or group gatherings or even for your coming Christmas party!


4 thoughts on “Six’ Blings’ Kadabarkadaten

  1. we used to frequent this restaurant before to dine and drink. In fact, we always reach closing time at 12 midnight. But last month, when we ate there, we were served stale vegetables that was already sour (and which they later admited that it was indeed stale)

    now, we are never going back to that place ever again!

  2. Also, this restaurant does not issue receipts, you really have to demand it.

    I have to demand a receipt after we ate there and were served stale food, because I will be needing it to file complaints and/or case. Imagine, they serve you stale food and they don’t issue you a receipt

    Anyway, I wanted to file a formal complaint at DOH and DTI which regulates the sanitation and business operation respectively, but my priest companion convinced me not to bother

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