Any bazaars in the city?

When Christmas comes near, one of the things I miss from living in Manila is shopping in bazaars. There are just so many bazaars that showcase lots and lots of gift items, clothes and knick knacks. Most of them are small businesses with very creative ideas and customized items. They are not your run-fo-the-mill department store items.I remember one gift I bought from a bazaar at the World Trade Center was this stationery set made of handmade paper. It had a half-bond size shopping list type, a one-fourth paper notepad, gummed smal notepads in a beautifully crafted box that can be used as desk organizer after you’ve used up the paper or even if you haven’t yet.

So I miss bazaars!

Let me clear that they are not the type that you see in the malls now. Not at all. The stalls in the mall basically sell the same items. Also, if the person you give the gift too is lucky enough, he or she just might see his or her gift displayed in there. Shame…

Anyway, I hope these bazaars come to the city soon!


2 thoughts on “Any bazaars in the city?

  1. Hi kathy!

    I have a friend who needs help with his menu. He wants to reposition/revamp/improve his resto’s image.

    Maybe you can assist him considering your background.

    Please contact him at 0917-7240888.

    Name is Alan Sanidad.


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