New restaurant find: Generals Brew

In my continuing quest to find food places to check out, – and for you to check out too!- here’s one for the hip and not-willing-to-spend-more-than-P 100 kind of diner.

Right along busy Pioneer Avenue is Generals Brew. You probably think where on Pioneer Avenue could it be, well, it’s just beside Kristan Educational Supply and right next to Landbank/Philamlife Building.

Here’s how it looks inside.


The place, in my opinion, is clean, modern, coay. The lighting could be better but the place is nicely and simply decorated.

Now for the real deal: the FOOD! First things first since I consult for restaurants, their menu is good. simple, straightforward, not tacky and practical. Of course, it’s still new so it still looks decent (let’s check it out a couple of months from now). They have a couple of combo meals around the P 68 so it’s not bad, I think, even for students. They have coffee, sandwiches and yummy breakfast items. According to the waitstaff, they are open from 7am to 7pm. Quite weird operating hours for me but I would guess that that is because of their location. busy when schools and banks are open and practically a ghost town/street by 7pm.

Going back to the food, I ordered Lemon Chicken and Stromboli. Stromboli, I would assume is a dessert or snack. It’s a log-shaped bread with cheese fillings and tomato sauce dip. Their Lemon Chicken is okay, not crazy over it but it’s good alright. The coleslaw could be better though. Portion size? Good for me and worth the P 68. They actually have other interesting dishes in the menu that I want to try soon.

Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken



Service, I wanted not to be too harsh right now since they have just opened although I hate it when I do that since you shouldn’t open when you’re not ready. But anyway, the service could definitely better and the food served faster. I waited 25 minutes on the chicken and the bad thing is the stromboli came out first. (Shouldn’t have unless it’s an appetizer!). The iced tea was served after 10 minutes. Anyway, the lady who attended to me was friendly so that was okay.

Personally, I like it that there is a cafe on Pioneer Avenue now since previously I never want to be in that area around lunchtime since I don’t have a lot of choices for restaurants there except for fastfood restaurants.

The restaurant is wifi ready. It just might be your next tambayan.


18 thoughts on “New restaurant find: Generals Brew

  1. Hi! I was just wondering.. If I drive from Gensan to Davao, how many hours will that take? Do I follow a certain highway to get there or will I actually need a navigator to go with me? This is for the reason that I might be assigned there in Gensan and once in a while during weekends, I might want to visit some friends who are based in Davao.

    PS: Thanks for having this blog. Hope you could post more entries and if possible, pls suggest some entries I could read to get to know more your city.

  2. Hi carl! Gensan to davao is 3 hours by bus and a little bit over 2 1/2 hours if you’re not commuting. It’s basically a straight highway except on the part reaching Digos where you have to make a left or a right, depending on where you’re headed but you can go straight but it will be passing the downtown area of Digos and not the diversion road. I would like to think that one doesn’t need a navigator but if you want to be sure you can follow a bus on its way to davao. 🙂
    thanks for dropping by! I’m trying to blog more often now that i’m over my maternity break. just browse over my other blog entries to know more about gensan.

  3. Oh wow! Thanks so much Cathy! I’ll surely make time in visiting your blog then. Especially if my being assigned to Gensan is confirmed. =)

  4. hi cathy,

    how long it will take to travel to Polomolok ? I think you are the best person to offer some tips about traveling to Polomolok.
    You can always go to my facebook and fs for more info about me

  5. hi kongleong. If you mean travelling from gensan to polomolok, it’s just 15to 30 minutes away by bus or car depending on where in gensan you’re coming from. if you mean coming from manila or davao you still have to go through gensan. if you’re coming from manila, take the flight to gensan and then travel by land to polomolok.

  6. hi Cathy,

    I will fly from Manila to Gensan then by bus to Polomolok. Thanks for the feedback. I m wondering if there are business opportunities in Gensan and Polomolok.

  7. hi cathy, talking about food do you know that Penang city where I live has the most coffer shops and restaurants in Malaysia and is famous for her hawker food?
    Your blog is set to inspire me to write a blog on what is on in Penang as to new kopitiam(coffee shop) find. It seems that the best business to do here is to run a coffer shop offering hawker food. As such it is a common feature here that when a new block of commecial building is open the conner lot must be a coffee shop. I will explain in details in my blog.

  8. hi cathy, I wish to thank you for introducing the usage of snapshot at my site. it is a very nice tool.
    Yes I will have to move around and snap photos here and there. If you visit the site you will notice that a small part of the city, Georgetown has been granted world heritage status by UNESCO recently.
    Many thanks again and pls send my regards to your family

  9. Hi kongleong. I’m not sure what you mean by me “introducing snapshots in your site” . Or do you mean me using photos on MY blog? anyway, merry christmas!

  10. hi cathy, actually I mean I am using a small tool at my site and the idea come from your blog. I noticed when I pointed my mouse to the links of your blog, either a picture of rss feed were popped up. It is a very handy tool because I get to know what is in the link before I decide if I go further.

    • Hi Shessed. Internet is in almost all restaurants.The Connection is good too. I personally prefer to work in Greenleaf Hotel, Have Sam Thai or Starbucks if you are looking at breakfast.

      Thanks!- Cathy

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